Philosophy Graduate Minor

Graduate Areas of Concentration

Aesthetic theory, ethics (including environmental ethics and biomedical ethics), history of philosophy, logic and philosophy of science, religious studies

The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion is committed to teaching students the skills and knowledge they need to reason cogently and decide wisely about difficult issues they will confront as citizens and professionals. The school offers graduate work leading to the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a specialization in applied ethics and in other areas of philosophy and religious studies. The MAIS thesis option is encouraged. The study of applied ethics builds on a special strength among school faculty.

Graduate credit is offered in logic, ethics (including environmental ethics and biomedical ethics), aesthetics, religious studies, philosophy of science, contemporary philosophy, and history of philosophy. PHL 550 TOPICS is offered in conjunction with the "IDEAS MATTER" lecture series.

Prospective students should request additional program literature from the school. Some teaching assistantship support is available.

Minor Code: 9550