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OSU’s Precollege Programs offers a variety of on- and off-campus academic programs designed to enhance learning and introduce youth to the college community. During the summer months and throughout the academic year, K–12 students participate in programs that range from several hours to several weeks. Our Precollege Programs provide compelling experiences and stimulating learning environments for a diverse group of students.


Specifically designed academic and social experiences for gifted, talented, and high-ability youth.

Adventures in Learning

Combines stimulating academic and social opportunities in a fun-filled 10-day experience exposing participants to exciting and sophisticated areas of interest not usually available during the regular school year. The program is designed for gifted, talented and high-ability learners who have completed grades 5 or 6 and who are interested in fast-paced, challenging opportunities.


Provides gifted, talented, and high-ability youth who have completed grades 3 or 4 a two-week, half-day educational experience with courses taught by experts in a variety of topics. Students are introduced to engaging, intriguing subjects in an enjoyable and nurturing environment.

Outside the Box

Enables gifted, talented, and high-ability youth who have completed grades 7 or 8 to pursue topics of interest through a unique combination of in-depth, challenging academic explorations and social interaction with intellectual peers. Program participants can anticipate excitement, discovery, and challenge in the program’s offerings which are designed specifically to address their interests and abilities.

Winter Wonderings

Offers a variety of challenging Saturday courses designed specifically for gifted, talented, and high-ability 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders. Participants discover new and exciting areas of study in a fast-paced learning environment with their social and intellectual peers.


The Office of Precollege Programs hosts middle and high school visits to Oregon State University during the school year. Teachers and group leaders are encouraged to plan visits to explore careers, experience OSU, or enhance current curriculum. Register to request a visit using the Precollege website at


STEM Academy@OSU offers educational enrichment opportunities that provide youth a direct connection to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. Programs include after-school girls’ science and engineering clubs, summer day camps, workshops, and outreach programs. Classes are small, hands-on, informal, project-oriented, and open to all interested students. Tuition costs vary, depending on the program or activity.

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SESEY is primarily for high school girls and ethnic minorities traditionally under-represented in science and engineering, and for science, math, or physics teachers who are interested in developing curricular materials to promote engineering activities in their classrooms.

Students come to the OSU campus for a one-week residential summer camp and are paired with a faculty mentor in engineering for a mini-research project in areas such as microscale technologies, plastics recycling, drug formulation and delivery, bioprocessing, microelectronics, and environmental engineering. There are also group learning activities (computer instruction, communication skills, field trips) and social activities. Students are exposed to science and engineering as viable and interesting career paths. Career counseling is provided by faculty mentors and OSU graduate and undergraduate students who work with the students throughout the week as research project advisors and friends. Students live in OSU housing, so they receive a complete college experience. For more information, contact Skip Rochefort,

Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) Program

SueAnn BottomsDirector
18 Gladys Valley Center

OSU’s SMILE (Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences) Program collaborates with 15 school districts and charter school partners in Oregon to increase the number of historically underrepresented minority, low-income, and other educationally underserved students who graduate from high school prepared to go on to college and pursue careers in math, science, engineering, health professions, and teaching. More than 700 students and 60 teachers in 38 schools across the state participated in SMILE last year. The program functions as a pipeline that takes students from 4th to 12th grade and on to postsecondary education in STEM programs and careers.

SMILE provides a comprehensive program of science and math enrichment and college readiness through weekly after-school clubs, field trips, on-campus college-connection challenge activities, a bridge-to-college summer program for SMILE graduates entering OSU, and professional development for classroom teachers serving as SMILE Club advisors.