Bacc Core / Slash Course / WIC

If your course is Bacc Core or WIC, the syllabus must explain what students will learn in your course related to the Bacc Core / WIC requirement it fulfills. If your course is not Bacc Core or WIC, please delete this section.

These course types meet special graduation requirements for all students. As such, courses in these categories must include the specific learning outcomes relevant for the course’s category and a brief explanation of how those learning outcomes will be assessed in the course. Note that Faculty Senate committees audit syllabi for courses in these categories periodically.

  • Baccalaureate Core
  • This section in the syllabus must include verbatim "This course fulfills the Baccalaureate Core requirement for the [Skills; Perspectives; Difference, Power and Discrimination; Synthesis] category under [subcategory]. It does this by [Take 1-2 sentences to briefly make the connection between your course content and/or approach of your course to the BCC category student learning outcomes.]”
  • Slash Courses
  • For 4XX/5XX courses, please list appropriate distinctions in outcomes between the 4XX undergraduate and 5XX graduate versions of the course. The graduate version of the course must have distinct learning outcomes, usually in addition to the undergraduate outcomes; furthermore, the different learning outcomes should be accompanied by appropriate differences in instructional opportunities and evaluation procedures.
  • Writing Intensive Course (WIC)  
  • Explain how your course fulfills WIC guidelines, each of which must be outlined on the syllabus.  Use student writing as a significant approach to learning that involves regular and frequent opportunities to write, and a significant part of the overall course grade must be based on individual writing (at least 25%).  WIC courses must also include: students individually write and revise (after feedback) at least 2,000 words in formal, graded writing; revision of the 2,000-word formal writing is required, not optional; the total word count for formal writing is at least 4,000 words (2,000 counted for the draft and 2,000 counted for the final copy); informal, ungraded writing comprises about 1,000 words (or enough to make the total word count across the course at least 5,000).