University Outreach and Engagement

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A. Scott Reed, Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Director Extension Service

Lindsey Shirley, Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Associate Director Extension Service

With the complementary mission of learning, discovery and engagement, Oregon State University is a powerful force for moving the country forward in the 21st century. OSU's Outreach and Engagement enhances access to enrichment and problem solving through reciprocal relationships for the exchange of knowledge and resources in partnership with individuals, communities, businesses, industries, government and educational institutions.

Outreach and Engagement is an essential component of a contemporary land-grant university. It builds upon historic traditions in serving the state’s residents in innovative ways through a statewide presence in local communities and a worldwide presence through courses and programs. Engagement will increasingly be defined by learner and student involvement in community issues as a part of their academic experience and by working relationships among stakeholders.

The OSU Extension Service has a presence in 36 Oregon counties and delivers programs in agriculture and natural resources, family and community health, forestry and natural resources, Sea Grant and 4-H youth development. Our expertise and programming in these areas have a direct impact on Oregon’s economy and the lives of Oregonians.

OSU Open Campus is a collaborative, community-based approach to meeting emerging educational issues and needs.

OSU Extension’s Outdoor School program provides logistical support, curricular resources, program evaluation, equity and inclusion support, and professional development opportunities in addition to funding for local districts’ Outdoor School costs through state-appropriated Oregon Lottery funds.

OSU Extension Service

A. Scott Reed, Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Director Extension Service

Lindsey Shirley, Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Associate Director Extension Service
101 Ballard Extension Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-3606

Oregon State University’s Extension Service engages the people of Oregon with research-based knowledge and education that strengthen communities and economies, sustain natural resources, and promote healthy families and individuals. It carries out this mission by extending the research and knowledge bases of the university to people who need the information and provides leadership in applying this knowledge to the current and emerging issues and needs identified by Oregonians and their communities.

Anyone may participate in Extension offerings. Thousands of Oregon citizens volunteer to assist in Extension programs by leading and teaching groups, responding to questions, and providing educational information. OSU students support their communities, gain practical experience and learn through Extension placements, applying academic learning to address local community needs.

Extension educational programs are developed in response to the needs of people in Oregon. Needs are identified by OSU Extension faculty, who are located throughout the state. Off-campus faculty, who work with people to assess their needs, partner with members of Extension’s on-campus faculty to prepare and deliver useful educational programs. About two-thirds of OSU’s Extension faculty and staff are located in offices off campus. Financial support is from county, state, and federal governments, grants, and other sources.

There are five major Extension education program areas:

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Extension’s Agriculture and Natural Resources program provides education and technical assistance for people with agricultural interests. The major program emphasis is on food, feed, energy, fiber, seed, and ornamental production and management of animal and plant production systems. Programs include farm/ranch business management, marketing, value-added processing, natural resource use and conservation, community horticulture, human and environmental health, and bioethics. Audiences include urban and rural residents and businesses, government agencies and communities with wide-ranging interests in conservation, production, and community development.

Family and Community Health

Extension’s Family and Community Health program helps Oregonians improve their health, family, and community through education and community partnerships. Major programming extends knowledge related to public health, nutrition, exercise science, human development, family financial management, and aging to address important needs in Oregon’s communities.

Forestry and Natural Resources

Extension’s Forestry and Natural Resources program improves Oregonians' knowledge of forestry and natural resources and their options for enhancing benefits from these resources. This educational program assists forest owners, managers, processors, users, and students in understanding the importance of both production and environmental benefits from Oregon’s forests. Priority subjects include reforestation, forest management, silviculture, forest health, wildland fire, intergenerational land transfer, harvesting and processing wood, protection of soil and water, wildlife habitat, and related natural resources use, management, and protection.

Sea Grant Program

Extension’s Sea Grant program provides education, training, and technical assistance to people with coastal-related needs and interests. Major efforts are concentrated in the areas of fisheries and wildlife, watersheds and other natural resource management, marine engineering, food science and technology, economics, business, resource management, education, and recreation. The program is primarily supported by the OSU Sea Grant Program and the OSU Extension Service.

4-H Youth Development

4-H helps young people learn and grow through an intentional process that builds competence, confidence, connection, compassion and character. Young people participate in 4-H through clubs, afterschool programs, camps, and school enrichment activities. These youth are supported by trained volunteers who work under the direction of local 4-H professionals located in all 36 counties. As the only nationwide youth development program with direct ties to the land grant university system, 4-H is uniquely positioned to ensure that its programs are based on what is known about how young people develop and learn.

OSU Open Campus

A. Scott Reed, Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Director Extension Service

Jeff Sherman, Program Leader, Open Campus and Innovation
303 Ballard Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-3606

OSU Open Campus, a community-based education partnership convened by Oregon State University, provides local access to learning to address the unique educational needs of Oregon’s communities. Through a statewide network of Open Campus education coordinators, working in partnership with community colleges, regional economic development groups, the K-12 education systems, business community and local government, the university is delivering education to underserved and place-bound Oregonians. This program builds on the foundation of the OSU Extension Service, providing an expanded way to access the university’s resources. Open Campus compliments offerings available through Ecampus and Professional and Continuing Education, making learning from Oregon State possible almost anywhere.

Students and faculty who have an interest in working with communities around the state can contact us for more information. Read the Open Campus Blog to learn more about participating communities across the state.

OSU Extension Outdoor School

A. Scott ReedVice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Director Extension Service

Kris Elliott, Program Leader
325 Ballard Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-3606

OSU Extension Service is the institutional home for Oregon Outdoor School. In November 2016, Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 99 to allocate funding for Outdoor School for our state’s 5th and 6th grade students. Senate Bill 439 directs OSU Extension Service to assist School Districts and Education Service Districts in providing a statewide Outdoor School Program. OSU Extension Outdoor School provides logistical support, curricular resources, program evaluation, equity and inclusion support, and professional development opportunities in addition to funding for local districts’ Outdoor School costs through state appropriated Oregon Lottery funds.

OSU Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

Lindsey Shirley, Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Associate Director Extension Service

The OSU Professional and Continuing Education unit provides continuing education and training for professionals, organizations, associations and K–12 students throughout the state and beyond.

PACE works with colleges, businesses and professional associations to develop new on-site and online educational offerings in formats that include workshops, webinars, short courses, conferences and certificate programs. Services for businesses and government agencies include fully customized workforce training on a wide array of topics ranging from leadership and human resources to IT and much more.

Our list of renowned online and online offerings attracts learners from across Oregon and the nation, as well as around the globe. Featured course categories include:

  • The Business of Craft Beer and Cider
    Our offerings for aspiring craft brewery entrepreneurs and brewing professionals draw on OSU’s leading role in fermentation science education and research.
  • Innovative Gardening and Permaculture Design Courses
    PACE’s innovative online offerings attract enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe.
  • Business and IT Professional Certificates
    PACE is partnering with OSU’s College of Business to offer a complete array of training solutions for business, IT and marketing professionals, including certificate series such as Digital Brand Management, Business Analysis, Web Development and more.
  • Farm and Agriculture Management Courses
    As part of PACE’s proud affiliation with OSU Extension, we offer a variety of flexible management and development solutions that support Oregon’s thriving farm and ranch industries.
  • Our notable industry-specific partnerships include a series of online workshops for pharmacists developed in partnership with OSU College of Pharmacy. These offerings include an innovative, first-in-the-nation online training to prepare pharmacists in Oregon to prescribe hormonal contraceptives. A number of other states are following Oregon’s lead in this area and are looking to our training as a national model.

Services for Learners, Faculty/Colleges and Partner Agencies

PACE works with works with OSU colleges, businesses and government agencies on instructional design and program development for specific audiences, as well as enrollment management, customer relationship management, event management and marketing. PACE also provides assistance with grant writing and often partners with colleges or departments to provide an outreach vehicle for research in the form of an online continuing education program.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how your program might be adapted into an educational offering for professionals or lifelong learners.