Memorial Union Art Collection

Susan Bourque, Curator

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Throughout the Memorial Union are selections from its permanent art collection. The collection began in 1928 with a gift from the Board of Regents, but the foundation of the collection came in 1943 with a donation of fifty-three William Henry Price paintings. Currently among the 125 artists included in the collection are paintings and sculptures by J. Leo Fairbanks, works from the early nineteen hundreds by Carrie Gilbert depicting Native Americans, prints collected and donated by Gordon and Vivian Gilkey, and historic photographs of OSU (a number of which are on display in the mezzanine hall). Art work commissioned under the Oregon’s Percentage for the Arts Programs includes murals by Hector Hernandez, Alex Hirsch, Henk Pender, Sherrie Wolf. The collection has over 300 works of art, half of which are on display at any one time throughout the building.