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Changes proposed by: Carley Ries (College of Engineering, Assistant Dean-Online Learning) (riesca)
Fall 2020
New Subject Code
EMGT Engineering Management
Carley Ries (College of Engineering, Assistant Dean-Online Learning)
Dorthe Wildenschild (School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering, Professor)
June Worley (School of Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Instructor)
Academic Unit
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College of Engineering (16)
Engineering Science

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4. What is the anticipated enrollment (Fall Term headcount) at the launch of the program and the planned goals for 5 and 10 years out?

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New Subject Code

Engineering Management
Engineering Management Certificate


The proposed course designator should have an identified purpose within the curricular structure of Oregon State University.
Engineering Management graduate certificate, and a (new) interdisciplinary graduate degree in Engineering Management.
Engineering Management is how engineers and engineering industry experts refer to programs around management for engineers. This is somewhat similar to how business refers to an MBA, engineers refer to this as an Engineering Management program. Nationally this is how programs are labeled and it is wise to ensure we are accurately naming the program.

The designator request will serve the purpose of appropriately referencing courses under the new MEng in Engineering Management degree program that is being submitted concurrently. This new degree program will allows us to correctly market the degree as an EM degree (currently students are served by receiving a degree in Industrial Engineering with an option in EM).
Yes. This is appropriate as this is common verbiage nationally to refer to programs such as this as Engineering Management. We are trying to be transparent and concise for our student audience to utilize the same verbiage they are accustomed to knowing or searching for within institutions.


Responsibility for the integrity and oversight of the proposed course designator should be clearly identified.
June Worley, Online Director within the College of Engineering for the Engineering Management program

Curriculum/Program committee will consist of (2) Engineering faculty and (2) Engineering instructors/Online Directors.
Curriculum/Program Committee will over see the assessment and consistency of the courses with the involvement of the Online Director within the College of Engineering, June Worley.
College of Engineering will receive the SCH, and then those SCH will be allocated to the appropriate schools in which the course is being offered.
The Director of the program will communicate such changes to advisors, students, admissions, Ecampus and ensure all websites and communications are accurate with the new information.


Who will benefit from the new course designator, and what changes will result from its implementation.
This new course designator will directly align with their program, rather than prior the course designator was Industrial Engineering (IE) which was confusing to students, advisors, Ecampus, and others.
There will be no duplication of the courses as this course indicator will be specifics to the Engineering Management program(s) and students enrolled.
There may some cross listings with IE and CEM. Potentially with other programs in the future to ensure it is a true interdisciplinary program.
By indicating Engineering Management as the course designator this would be more applicable to the student's program and less confusing than it was before by having an Industrial Engineering (IE) designator since many of the students who want Engineering Management are not seeking, nor wanting an IE degree.
No course designators will expire with this new EMGT designator being created. It will only alleviate confusion for faculty, advisors and students in the Engineering Management Program.

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Belinda Sykes (Office of the Registrar, Catalog & Curriculum Coordinator) (belinda.sykes) (Fri, 27 Mar 2020 21:41:34 GMT): Rollback: EM is already an established (historical) subject code and cannot be used for Engineering Management.
Belinda Sykes (Office of the Registrar, Catalog & Curriculum Coordinator) (belinda.sykes) (Mon, 13 Apr 2020 07:14:32 GMT): EMGT is an available subject code.
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