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Step 1: Choose a Term Offered, Level, and Campus, then click Search to get a list of course subjects.

Term Offered:      Level:

Step 2: Below is a list of Winter 2018 Graduate course subjects for Corvallis Campus.  Click on a subject below to see the scheduled classes for that subject.
--A-- --F-- Nuclear Science & Engineering (NSE)
Accounting (ACTG) Film Studies (FILM) Nutrition (NUTR)
Adult Ed & Higher Ed Leadershp (AHE) Finance (FIN) --O--
Agricultural Education (AED) Fisheries and Wildlife (FW) Ocean Earth & Atmospheric Sci (OEAS)
Agricultural Sci, College of (AGRI) Food in Culture,Social Justice (FCSJ) Oceanography (OC)
Agriculture-General (AG) Food Science and Technology (FST) --P--
Animal Sciences (ANS) Forest Ecosystems and Society (FES) Pharmacy (PHAR)
Anthropology (ANTH) Forest Engineering (FE) Philosophy (PHL)
Applied Economics (AEC) Forestry (FOR) Physics (PH)
Art (ART) --G-- Plant Breeding & Genetics (PBG)
Atmospheric Sciences (ATS) Geography (GEOG) Political Science (PS)
--B-- Geophysics (GPH) Psychology (PSY)
Biochemistry and Biophysics (BB) Geosciences (GEO) Public Health (H)
Biological & Ecological Engr (BEE) Graduate Education (GRAD) Public Policy (PPOL)
Biological Engineering (BIOE) --H-- --Q--
Biology (BI) History (HST) Queer Studies (QS)
Botany and Plant Pathology (BOT) History of Science (HSTS) --R--
Business Administration (BA) Horticulture (HORT) Rangeland Ecology & Management (RNG)
--C-- Human Dev and Family Sciences (HDFS) Religious Studies (REL)
Chem, Bio, Enviro Engineering (CBEE) --I-- Robotics (ROB)
Chemical Engineering (CHE) Industrial and Mfg Engineering (IE) Rural Studies (RS)
Chemistry (CH) Interdisciplinary Programs (IST) --S--
Civil and Construction Engr (CCE) --J-- Science & Mathematics Educ (SED)
Civil Engineering (CE) Japanese (JPN) Sociology (SOC)
College Student Services Admin (CSSA) --K-- Soil Science (SOIL)
Communication (COMM) Kinesiology (KIN) Statistics (ST)
Computer Science (CS) --M-- --T--
Construction Engineering Mngmt (CEM) Management (MGMT) Theatre Arts (TA)
Crop Science (CROP) Manufacturing Engineering (MFGE) Toxicology (TOX)
--D-- Marine Resource Management (MRM) --V--
Design and Human Environment (DHE) Marketing (MRKT) Veterinary Medicine Biomedical (VMB)
--E-- Materials Science (MATS) Veterinary Medicine Clinical (VMC)
Economics (ECON) Mathematics (MTH) --W--
Education (ED) Mech/Ind/Mfg Engineering (MIME) Water Resources Engineering (WRE)
Electrical & Computer Engineer (ECE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Water Resources Policy and Mgt (WRP)
English (ENG) Microbiology (MB) Water Resources Science (WRS)
Entomology (ENT) Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGSS)
Environmental Arts &Humanities (EAH) Music (MUS) Wood Science and Engineering (WSE)
Environmental Engineering (ENVE) Music (Studio) (MUP) Written English (WR)
Environmental Sciences (ENSC) Music Education (MUED) --Z--
Ethnic Studies (ES) --N-- Zoology (Z)

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