Urban Forest Landscapes Option

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This option will help students understand the complexities surrounding the culture and management of urban forest ecosystems. It includes an examination of the economic, social, and environmental benefits and values of trees in urban areas, and the relationship between people and trees.

No more than 24 credits from one department; no more than 20 lower-division credits.

Urban Forest Foundations (22–23 credits)

FES/HORT 350. Urban Forestry (3)
FES/FW 445. Ecological Restoration (4)
FES/HORT 447. Arboriculture (4)
FES/HORT 455. Urban Forest Planning, Policy and Management (4)
HORT 226. Landscape Plant Materials I: Deciduous Hardwoods and Conifers (4)
HORT 318. ^Applied Ecology of Managed Ecosystems (3)
   or HORT 315. Sustainable Landscapes: Maintenance, Conservation, Restore (4)

Social/Political/Community Integration (19–20 credits)

ANTH 481. *Natural Resources and Community Values (3)
FES 485. *Consensus and Natural Resources (3)
FOR 462. Natural Resource Policy and Law (3)
   or PS 475. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
FW 462. Ecosystem Services (3)
GEOG 450. Land Use in the American West (3)
   or FW 435. ^Wildlife in Agricultural Ecosystems (3)
SOC 481. *Society and Natural Resources (4)



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 685