Law Enforcement Natural Resources Option

The student will develop skills and knowledge necessary to practice natural resource law enforcement.

No more than 24 credits from one department; no more than 20 lower-division credits.

COMM 440. Theories of Conflict and Conflict Management (3)
FES 251. Recreation Resource Management (4)
FES/FW 452. Biodiversity Conservation in Managed Forests (3)
FW 251. Principles of Fish and Wildlife Conservation (3)
FW 316. Systematics of Fishes (3)
FW 318. Systematics of Mammals (2)
FW 341. Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement (2)
FW 458. Mammal Conservation and Management (4)
SOC 204. *Introduction to Sociology (3)

Choose four of the following classes:
SOC 340. Deviant Behavior and Social Control (4)
SOC 440. Juvenile Delinquency (4)
SOC 441. Criminology and Penology (4)
SOC 442. Sociology of Drug Use and Abuse (4)
SOC 448. Law and Society (4)

Recommended additional training (not required): Students may consider attending an approved law enforcement training program.


Option Code: 677