Fish and Wildlife Conservation Option

Also available on the OSU-Cascades campus and via Ecampus.


This option prepares students for a career in the broad arena of natural resource and wildlife conservation. It emphasizes understanding the relationship between animal species and their habitat requirements and the ability to apply this knowledge to the management of ecosystems as a means of conserving fish and wildlife.

No more than 24 credits from one department; no more than 20 lower-division credits.

Required (23–24 credits)

FES/FW 445. Ecological Restoration (4)
FOR 111. Introduction to Forestry (3)
   or FES 342. Forest Types of the Northwest (3)
FOR 346. Topics in Wildland Fire (3)
   or FES 440. Wildland Fire Ecology (3)
   or FOR 436. Wildland Fire Science and Management (4)
FW 251. Principles of Fish and Wildlife Conservation (3)
FW 323. Management Principles of Pacific Salmon in the Northwest (3)
   or FW 360. *Origins of F&W Management–Evolution, Genetics, and Ecology (3)
   or FW 470. *Ecology and History: Landscapes of the Columbia Basin (3)
RNG 341. Rangeland Ecology and Management (3)
RNG 455. Riparian Ecology and Management (4)

Fish and Wildlife Biology

Choose three of the following:
FW 311. Ornithology (3)
FW 315. Ichthyology (3)
FW 317. Mammalogy (3)
FW 320. Introductory Population Dynamics (4)
FW 321. Applied Community and Ecosystem Ecology (3)

Habitat Management

Choose two of the following:
FW 326. Integrated Watershed Management (3)
FW 435. ^Wildlife in Agricultural Ecosystems (3)
FW 479. Wetlands and Riparian Ecology (3)

Natural Resources Policy

Choose one of the following:
PS 475. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
SOC 481. *Society and Natural Resources (4)



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 672