Plant Growth and Development Option

Plant growth and development involves the study of the control and coordination of processes in cells, organs, and/or whole plants, including, for example, changes in gene expression in response to environmental conditions such as climate change. Students will develop research skills and knowledge about the regulation of plant growth and development, metabolism, structure and function of macromolecules (i.e., enzymes, storage proteins, and nucleic acids), and whole plant physiology, preparing them for agricultural and biosciences positions or graduate programs.

Required Courses

BOT 313. Plant Structure (4)
BOT 331. Plant Physiology (4)

Select two of the following:
BB 314/BI 314. Cell and Molecular Biology (4) [BI 314 terminated summer 2017]
BOT 332. Laboratory Techniques in Plant Biology (3)
BOT 421. Advanced Plant Systematics (4) [Terminated spring 2008]
CSS 305. Principles of Soil Science (4) EOU campus only.
   and CSS 306. Problem Solving: Soil Science (1) EOU campus only.
   or SOIL 205. *Soil Science (3)
HORT 316. Plant Nutrition (4)

Specialization and Breadth Courses

12 to 14 credits approved by option faculty and research mentor.


Option Code: 149