Health Management and Policy Minor

Also available via Ecampus.

The Health Management and Policy minor provides students with a background in public health, with an emphasis on the management of health care programs and agencies.

ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)
H 100. Introduction to Public Health (4)
H 210. *Introduction to the Health Care System (3)
H 220. Introduction to Health Data Analysis (3) (not required for business majors)
H 225. *Social and Individual Health Determinants (4)
H 250. Introduction to Health Care Management (3)
H 436. Advanced Topics in Health Care Management (3)

Check prerequisites/corequisites for H 250 and H 436.

Select 9 credits from the following (business majors select 12 credits):
H 319. Introduction to Health Policy (3)
H 425. Foundations of Epidemiology (3)
H 457. Financial Management of Health Care Organizations (3)
H 458. Reimbursement Mechanisms (3)



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Minor Code: 465