Fisheries Management Graduate Certificate (CERT) Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

Also available via Ecampus.


Current Graduate Students: You must notify the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife of your intention to pursue this certificate. Upon consultation with the certificate program directors, you will be given instructions regarding listing courses on your program of study and obtaining the required signature for that form.

For more information, please see our program site on the Ecampus website at and our departmental website at or contact the program coordinator at

Professionals and other students: You must notify the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife of your intention to pursue this certificate.

Please contact Certificate Program Director Dr. Bruce Dugger,, or Graduate Program Coordinator

The certificate requires:

Courses are offered through Corvallis, at Hatfield Marine Science Center, and through Ecampus. Check the course catalog and schedule of classes for location and term offered.

Capstone Project Required

FW 506. Projects (3)

Core Required

FW 554. Fishery Biology (4)

Human Dimensions Subject Area (select 1 course):

FW 515. Fisheries and Wildlife Law and Policy (3)
FW 522. Introduction to Ocean Law (3)
FW 560. Psychology of Environmental Decisions (3)
FW 620. Ecological Policy (3)
PS 577. International Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
SNR 520. Social Aspects of Sustainable Natural Resources (3)

Fisheries Sciences and Management Subject Area (select 2–3 courses):

Fish science and management:
FW 514 Professional Development: Meeting Communications (1)
FW 519. The Natural History of Whales and Whaling (3)
FW 520. Ecology and Management of Marine Fishes (3)
FW 524. Introduction to Fisheries Assessment (3)
FW 531. Dynamics of Marine Biological Resources (4)
FW 549. History of Fisheries Science (3)
FW 564. Marine Conservation Biology (3)
FW 565. Marine Fisheries (4)
FW 571. Environmental Physiology of Fishes (4)
FW 573. Fish Ecology and Conservation (4)
FW 574/OC 574. Early Life History of Fishes (4)
FW 576. Fish Physiology (4)
FW 597. Aquaculture (3)

Aquatic science, habitat restoration, and management:
FW 521. Aquatic Biological Invasions (4)
FW 526. Coastal Ecology and Resource Management (5)
FW/OC 534. Estuarine Ecology (4)
FW/FES 545. Ecological Restoration (4)
FW 556. Freshwater Ecology and Conservation (5)
FW 562. Ecosystem Services (3)
FW 579. Wetlands and Riparian Ecology (3)
FW 580. Stream Ecology (3)

Total=Minimum of 18 credits

Major Code: CG08