Geographic Information Science Graduate Certificate (CERT) Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

Kuuipo Walsh, Director
GIScience Certificate Program
134 Wilkinson Hall
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
FAX 541-737-1200

Also available via Ecampus.

Oregon State University offers an undergraduate and graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science. Geographic Information Science (GIScience) is a discipline that combines theory and principles underlying:

The OSU GIScience certificate can help lead to certification as a nationally-recognized geographic information systems (GIS) professional (GISP). GIS professionals are in high demand for jobs in government, NGOs, and the private sector, and have rewarding careers in natural resource management, online and interactive mapping, business, planning, and many others.

Students must have completed the following background course or have equivalent experience: introductory cartography (GEOG 370). This course can either be completed prior to starting the certificate program or pursued in tandem with the other courses in the certificate.

Background Course

GEOG 370. Geovisualization: Cartography (4) EC

Required Core (8 credits)

GEOG 560. GIScience I: Introduction to Geographic Information Science (4) EC
GEOG 580. Remote Sensing I: Principles and Applications (4) EC

Electives (11 credits)

CE 513. GIS in Water Resources (3)
CE 562. Digital Terrain Modeling (4)
CE 566. 3D Laser Scanning and Imaging (4)
CS 553. Scientific Visualization (4)
CS 554. Geometric Modeling in Computer Graphics (4)
FE 523. Unmanned Aircraft System Remote Sensing (3)
FOR 510. Internship (1 or more credits, advisor approval)
  or GEOG 510. Internship (1 or more credits, advisor approval) EC
GEOG 551. Planning Principles and Practices for Resilient Communities (4)
GEOG 561. GIScience II: Analysis and Applications (4) EC
GEOG 562. GIScience III: Programming for Geospatial Analysis (4) EC
GEOG 563. GIScience IV: Spatial Modeling (4)
GEOG 564. Geospatial Perspectives on Intelligence, Security, & Ethics (3) EC
GEOG 565. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Ecology and Earth Science (4)
GEOG 566. Advanced Spatial Statistics and GIScience (4)
GEOG 571. Geovisualization: Web Mapping (4)
GEOG 572. Geovisualization: Geovisual Analytics (3)
GEOG 581. Remote Sensing II: Digital Image Processing (4)
H 547. GIS and Public Health (3)
H 592. Spatial Epidemiology (3)
OC 678. Ocean Remote Sensing (4)
SOIL 568. Soil Landscape Analysis (4)
ST 565. Time Series (3)
ST 567. Spatial Statistics (3)

The following courses may count towards elective credits after consulting with and receiving approval from the program director:

CE 501. Research (3–4)
CE 560. Selected Topics in Geomatics Engineering (3–4)
CS 519. Topics in Computer Science (3–4)
CS 549. Selected Topics in Information-Based Systems (3–4)
GEO 501. Research (3–4)
GEOG 501. Research (3–4)
GEOG 599. Special Studies (3–4)
GEOG 699. Special Studies (3–4)


EC= Delivered via Ecampus

Major Code: CG03