Applied Ethics Graduate Major (MA, MAIS)

Graduate Areas of Concentration

Art and morality, bioethics, environmental ethics

The MA in Applied Ethics is designed to provide students with skills of moral reasoning and an understanding of ethical values and dilemmas in today's world. Students will be able to identify, analyze and suggest solutions to ethical problems that arise in their professional and civic lives.

Students are required to take courses in ethical theory, as well as courses in applied ethics and in an appropriate disciplinary or integrated minor. Completion of the degree requires a practicum and thesis. Please note that Oregon State University also requires completion of two years of a foreign language for the master of art's degree.

Required Course of Study (45 credits minimum)


A. Philosophy Core (9)

PHL 525. Philosophical Methods (3)
PHL 541. Classical Moral Theories (3)
PHL 542. Contemporary Moral Theories (3)

B. Applied Ethics (15 credits, with maximum of 6 from PHL 501, PHL 502, PHL 505)

PHL 501. Research (1–16)
PHL 502. Independent Study (1–16)
PHL 505. Reading and Conference (1–16)
PHL 507. Seminar (1–16)
PHL 517. Feminist Philosophies (3)
PHL 540. Environmental Ethics (3)
PHL 543. World View and Environmental Values (3)
PHL 544. Biomedical Ethics (4)
PHL 547. Research Ethics (3)
PHL 555. Death and Dying (3)
PHL 561. Art and Morality (3)
PHL 570. Philosophy of Science (3)
PHL 599. Topics in Philosophy (1–4)

C. PHL 510. Practicum (3–6)

D. PHL 503. Thesis (6–9)

E. Disciplinary or Integrated Minor (12)

Major Code: 9580