ASOSU Student Advocate

Daniel Dietz, Student Advocate
Student Experience Center 290
Corvallis, Oregon 97331

The ASOSU Student Advocate serves as a community organizer and political advisor for students, while providing a level of faculty and staff support to the student leaders of the ASOSU. This position provides direct support to ASOSU, student organizations and individuals in their grassroots efforts to create change that improves the lives of students. The ASOSU Student Advocate also helps to coordinate the ASOSU Organizing for Social Change Internship Program, which includes a range of introductory and advanced courses designed to advance student government leadership by familiarizing students with direct-action, community and grassroots organizing, movement-building and capacity-building, political identity development, government relations, and tactics for addressing contemporary and historical issues facing students, as well as related concepts central to engaging student governance. The student advocate also exists to provide logistical expertise to student leaders in planning and implementation of events, trainings, and professional development.