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Bob Gilmour, Executive Director, INTO OSU
Julianna Betjemann, Director of the Student Experience, INTO OSU
Shain Panzeri, Director of International Admissions and Academic Support, INTO OSU
Elena Sapp, Interim Director of Academic Programs, INTO OSU

Oregon State University offers academic Pathway and English language training programs through the INTO OSU Center. Personalized support tailored to international students’ educational, social and cultural needs prepares them to progress with confidence as degree-seeking students. INTO OSU provides international students with learning experiences and services that promote academic, professional and personal success.

INTO established its first partnership in the U.S. at Oregon State University in 2008. Located in the new International Living-Learning Center, INTO OSU offers outstanding academic programs, technology-assisted learning, a welcoming, interconnected community of students from across the U.S. and the world, strong student support programs and state-of-the-art facilities. The innovative Pathway and English language programs offered at the INTO OSU Center are delivered by highly qualified OSU teaching faculty. INTO OSU also provides a breadth of academic preparation and support services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of its international students.


The International Living-Learning Center opened in September 2011 and is the home for INTO Oregon State University. This state-of-the-art building offers a world-class student experience where international and domestic students live and learn together in the heart of the OSU campus. This building includes residential accommodations for more than 300 international and domestic students, 26 classrooms, a large and spacious auditorium, computer labs, a café, market and comfortable open spaces where students can socialize. In the fall of 2015, INTO OSU opened the newly renovated Cascade Hall. This modern building is just to the north of the ILLC and includes 11 classrooms, a computer lab, a large student lounge with stadium seating, and a quiet study room for students.

Student Services

The INTO OSU Student Services team provides a range of co-curricular programs and services promoting social, personal and academic wellbeing. Upon arrival at OSU, the team helps students settle in to life in Corvallis, provide social opportunities and a variety of resources tailored to the specific needs of international students. Whether it’s a question about making an appointment with a doctor, finding a place to live, renewing your visa or anything else, there will always be someone available to help you.

International Student Orientation

Orientation involves a variety of important events that prepare students to be successful at OSU, including information about maintaining your visa status, registering for OSU classes, health requirements and insurance coverage. Attendance at International Student Orientation is required of all international students, both direct and INTO OSU.

Other important activities during orientation include: opening an OSU email account, getting an OSU ID card, learning about OSU community expectations and taking a tour of the campus. It’s also a great time to make new international and American friends and attend the many social events planned on campus.

Visa and Immigration Support

Upon arrival, the university’s Office of International Services (OIS) office in the Division of International Programs, in conjunction with the INTO OSU Student Services team, will provide information, support and guidance on maintaining your immigration status while you are in the U.S. These can include questions about renewing a student visa, making sure your I-20 or DS-2019 status is always current, bringing your dependents, employment, traveling and more. During your program, in conjunction with the INTO OSU Academic Support and Finance teams, they will support you through your program and issue any documentation you may need to support your visa status. Students can come in for walk-in hours, or make individual appointments with an International Student Adviser or Sponsored Student Adviser at the Office of International Services (OIS). In addition, workshops are held throughout the year on topics such as employment, scholarships and travel.

OSU Office of International Admissions

The OSU Office of International Admissions is housed in the INTO OSU Center. The Office of International Admissions works closely with prospective international students from inquiry to admission for a variety of programs including: General English, Academic English, Pathway Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate), Undergraduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Professional (MBA, PharmD, and DVM), and Non-degree Exchange Students. All other graduate programs (Master’s and PhD) are served by the Graduate School. Visit the Office of International Admissions online at


Oregon State University and INTO Oregon State University are proud to offer a wide variety of scholarships for exceptional international students. Scholarships are available to undergraduate students, graduate students and Pathway students alike. For more information about these exciting scholarship opportunities, please visit Scholarships are available to undergraduate students, graduate students and Pathway and English language students.

Undergraduate Pathway

Undergraduate Pathway programs combine intensive language study, academic skills development and academic course work in a carefully constructed program designed to prepare students for rigorous OSU degree programs.

Three types of Undergraduate Pathway programs are available:

The Undergraduate Pathway programs are designed for students who:

The Pathway program is for students who want to take the fast-track to success. Pathway students receive the highest level of support during their transition abroad, making it an ideal choice for international students who are driven to achieve high academic goals.

Undergraduate Pathway programs are available in:

Pathway Program Core Academic Courses

The Undergraduate Pathway program is comprised of OSU credit-earning courses in math, science and writing. From the first day of classes, INTO OSU Pathway students study alongside domestic students in many of the same courses.

For more information please visit

Graduate Pathway Program

The innovative Graduate Pathway program is a pre-Master’s program that provides international students a direct path to various graduate degrees at the university. The program gives students the academic foundation, essential language skills and GMAT/GRE test preparation to successfully move on to the Master’s degree.

Direct admission to the Graduate School and respective department-based graduate programs at Oregon State University is highly competitive with only the best and most prepared students being selected. Many students who meet all the minimum entry requirements are not admitted because of the highly competitive nature of the programs.

The Graduate Pathway program is designed for international students who:

Graduate Pathway Programs are available in:

Three types of Graduate Pathway Programs are offered:

Core Academic Courses

The academic courses included in the Graduate Pathway programs are carefully chosen to ensure success in graduate-level studies. Students will be advised on which modules to follow during their academic orientation at the INTO OSU Center.

For more information please visit

Academic English

Program Description

The Academic English program at INTO Oregon State University prepares international students for university study in the U.S. The academically rigorous program provides international students with high-quality English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at OSU through development of:

Program Highlights

Program Outcomes

After finishing this intensive program successful students will be able to:

General English Program

Program Description

The General English program consists of 5-week sessions designed for students of all levels of English who want to develop communication
skills in many social and professional situations while learning about American culture.

Program Highlights

Program Outcomes

The General English program allows students to tailor their program to suit their personal, professional, and academic goals.

General English students will be able to:

Study Abroad with INTO OSU

Program Description

Study Abroad at INTO OSU is designed for students who want one or more terms of study abroad experience at a top US university. The program provides students with a classic American university experience while taking a variety of classes. Students will have access to all the support services available at the university and INTO OSU, including exceptional one-on-one tutoring, social and cultural trips and more.

The length of the Study Abroad program will vary depending on a student’s needs. The program can be customized for different levels of English and for specific academic interests. There are fall, winter, spring and summer start dates available. Additional program and admission information can be found at

With prior approval from your home university, the academic courses you will study at OSU can be used to gain credits toward your undergraduate degree in your home country. This program is not designed as a route to degree-seeking OSU programs, though your credits may apply to an OSU degree if you seek admission.

This program consists of three parts:

Study Abroad with English (SAWE) Part 1

Students study full-time in the Academic English program. Students have an opportunity to progress to Study Abroad with English Part 2 upon successful completion of Academic English level 4 and meeting internal progression criteria.

Study Abroad with English (SAWE) Part 2

Students are able to select from OSU undergraduate credit bearing courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and study alongside domestic and international students while continuing to take 6-12 hours of academic English classes. Students have an opportunity to progress to the Visiting International Students Program upon successful completion of Academic English core level 6 courses or ALS160/ALS162 and meeting internal progression criteria.

Visiting International Students Program (VISP)

Students can select from a range of OSU credit-bearing courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts. Optional academic English courses are also available.

All OSU undergraduate College of Liberal Arts courses taken through the VISP and SAWE Part 2 program are transferrable with prior approval from the student's home university (except intensive English courses, if selected).

Departmental approval is required for students seeking to register for a course outside the College of Liberal Arts.