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Option Bioenergy Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Bioresource Research - College of Agricultural Sciences

Bioenergy is renewable energy (e.g., fuel ethanol, hydrogen and biodiesel) derived from biomass, including byproducts, residues, woody waste products, and crops and microbes which are grown specifically for fuel. Development and production of bioenergy could contribute to long-term environmental and economic sustainability. Bioenergy research creates new uses for agricultural and other materials by developing new biochemical processes for the production of sustainable fuels. This area of research involves both science and engineering. Students completing this option will be ready for challenging careers in industry, governmental agencies, consulting companies, and novel start-up companies, or for graduate programs.

Substituted Courses

BRR 350. Introduction to Regional Bioenergy (2) for BRR 100 and BRR 409
BRR 450. Interdisciplinary Research: Bioenergy Focus (2) for BRR 200

Required Courses

1. Background Course

Choose one course from below (3 cr):
CROP 330. *World Food Crops (3)
FOR 111. Introduction to Forestry (3)
MB 302. General Microbiology (3)

2. Upper-Division Lab Course

Choose one course from below (2–3 cr):
BB 493. Biochemistry Laboratory Molecular Techniques 1 (3)
BB 494. Biochemistry Laboratory Molecular Techniques 2 (3)
BOT 332. Laboratory Techniques in Plant Biology (3)
MB 303. General Microbiology Laboratory (2)

3. Engineering Course

Choose one course from the list, or another appropriate upper-division course in the area of process or ecological engineering, genomics/bioinformatics, or genetic engineering, approved by research mentor (3–4):
BEE 102. Ecological Engineering II (3)
BEE 320. Biosystems Analysis and Modeling (4)
BEE 453. Introduction to Process Engineering Design (4) [Terminated spring 2015]
BOT 475. Comparative Genomics (4)

4. Specialization and Breadth Courses

WSE 473. Bioenergy and Environmental Impact (3)

Choose additional courses from above and below, or other upper-division courses approved by research mentor, to total 29 credits:
AEC 300. Applied Economic Analysis (3) [Terminated summer 2016]
AEC 351. *Natural Resource Economics and Policy (3)
AEC/ECON 352. *Environmental Economics and Policy (3)
BB 314/BI 314. Cell and Molecular Biology (4) [BI 314 terminated summer 2017]
BEE 221. Fundamentals of Ecological Engineering (3)
   Note: Students choosing BEE 221 may substitute it for BEE 102.
BEE 499. Special Topics: Biofuel Feedstocks and Production (3)
ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)
ENGR 231 Understanding Energy (3)
ENGR 350. *Sustainable Engineering (3)
ENGR 363 *Energy Matters (3)
FES/TOX 435. *Genes and Chemicals in Agriculture: Value and Risk (3)
FOR 330. Forest Resource Economics I (4)
FOR 331. Forest Resource Economics II (4)
MB 310. Bacterial Molecular Genetics (3)
MB 312. Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism (3)
MB 456. Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology (3)
MB/FST 479. Fermentation Microbiology (3)
MTH 254. Vector Calculus I (4)
MTH 256. Applied Differential Equations (4)
PHAR 537. Bioorganic Chemistry (3)
WR 201. *Writing for Media (3)
WR 214. *Writing in Business (3)
WSE 210. *Renewable Materials Technology and Utilization (4)
WSE 321. Chemistry of Renewable Materials (4)
WSE 322. Physical and Mechanical Properties of Renewable Materials (4)
WSE 324. Renewable Materials Laboratory (3)
WSE 453. ^Forest Products Business (3)
WSE 535. Polymer Synthesis and Structure (3)
WSE 573. Bioenergy and Environmental Impact (3)



* Baccalaureate Core Course
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 767

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