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Option Photography BFA Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Applied Visual Arts - College of Liberal Arts

Applied Visual Arts (BFA) majors taking the Photography BFA option may not take required art courses on an S/U graded basis. Students may not use courses in which they have earned less than a C– to satisfy BFA requirements. A minimum 3.00 grade-point average must be maintained in all art courses used to meet BFA requirements.

The core curriculum studio courses must be completed before taking upper-division studio courses for a major program. All students seeking a major or a minor must see a departmental advisor on a yearly basis.

Art Core Curriculum (33)

ART 100. Art Orientation (1)
ART 101. *Introduction to the Visual Arts (4)
ART 115. Foundations: 2-D (4)
ART 117. Foundations: 3-D (4)
ART 121. Foundations: Computers in Visual Arts (4)
ART 131. Foundations: Drawing I (4)
ART 204, ART 205, ART 206. *Introduction to Art History-Western (3,3,3)
ART 263. Digital Photography (4)

Photography BFA Requirements

Required Photography Courses (20 credits)

ART 122. Foundations: 4-D (4) [Terminated fall 2016]
ART 340. Darkroom Photography I (4)
ART 345. Intermediate Photography (4)
ART 347. Photograph: Studio Lighting (4)
ART 456. Portfolio-Photography/Video Art (4) To be taken in Winter term in the senior year

Photography Electives:

Select 8 courses from the following (at least 2 courses must be at the 400 level) (31–32 credits):
ART 339. Professional Practices in Photography (3)
ART 341. Darkroom Photography II (4)
ART 346. Photo Illustration I (3)
ART 348. Concepts in Digital Imaging (4)
ART 349. Video Art (4)
ART 350. Photography on Assignment (4)
ART 354. Alternative Processes in Photography (4)
ART 409. Practicum Student Media (1) Repeatable to 4 credits
ART 441. Photography III (4)
ART 446. Documentary Photography (4)
ART 456. Portfolio-Photography/Video Art (4) Repeatable to 8 credits
NMC 383. Field Production (4)

Required Art History Courses (9 credits)

ART 366. History of Art (3)
ART 368. ^History of Photography (3)
ART 462. Directions and Issues in Contemporary Art (3)

Additional two 100/200 Art electives (8 credits)

Additional 300/400 Art electives (19 or 20 credits)

Note: Total Applied Visual Arts credits must equal 120 credits


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 892

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