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Option Management and Marketing Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Renewable Materials - College of Forestry

The option provides students with the skills to manage organizations to be competitive in the global renewable materials marketplace or develop innovative and effective marketing programs for green products.

Marketing and Management Core (71)

BA 211. Financial Accounting (4)
BA 213. Managerial Accounting (4)
BA 230. Business Law (4)
BA 260. Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4)
BA 351. Managing Organizations (4)
BA 360. Introduction to Financial Management (4)
BA 390. Marketing (4)
ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)
ECON 202. *Introduction to Macroeconomics (4)
FES 141. Tree and Shrub Identification (3) [Terminated winter 2017]
FES 240. *Forest Biology (4)
   or BI 101. *General Biology (4)
   or BI 211. *Principles of Biology (4)
FOR 111. Introduction to Forestry (3)
MTH 111. *College Algebra (4)
MTH 241. *Calculus for Management and Social Science (4)
WSE 453. ^Forest Products Business (3)
WSE 461. Bio-Based Products Manufacturing (4)
WSE 462. Advanced Manufacturing 1 (4)
WSE 471. Renewable Materials in Building Construction (3)
WSE 473. Bioenergy and Environmental Impact (3)

Restricted Electives (minimum of 12)

Select a minimum of 12 credits from the following list, as a base for an "Area of Concentration" as described below:
AEC/ECON 352. *Environmental Economics and Policy (3)
BA 357. Operation Management (4)
BA 458. Innovation and New Product Development (4)
BA 460. Venture Management (4)
ECON 340. International Economics (4)
MGMT 364. Project Management (4)
MGMT 452. Leadership (4)
MRKT 396. Fundamentals of Marketing Research (4)
MRKT 497. Global Marketing (4)
COF Study Abroad courses, various (6)

Approved "Area of Concentration" — A 24-credit program of study proposed by the student and approved by the WSE Department Head. Must include 12 credits of Restricted Electives from the list above, and 20 upper-division credits.


Baccalaureate Core Courses (22)

Not satisfied by the Renewable Materials core or the option.

Courses meeting other Baccalaureate requirements for the following categories not specified by the Renewable Materials Core or the option can be found in the OSU Catalog online at

One additional lecture/lab combination from either Physical Science or Biological Science (4)
Cultural Diversity (3)
Difference, Power, and Discrimination (3)
Literature and Arts (3)
Western Culture (3)
Science, Technology, and Society Synthesis (3)
Contemporary Global Issues (3)

Plus additional Free Electives sufficient to ensure 180 total credits (60 must be upper division).

Note: Completion of the Management and Marketing option and meeting additional grade requirements of the College of Business will fulfill the requirements for a transcript-visible Business and Entrepreneurship minor. Students who graduate and complete the minor may also apply to the College of Business to enroll in a 58-credit, four-term MBA degree program.


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 288

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