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Option Hospitality Management Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Business Administration - College of Business

Available only at OSU-Cascades Campus.

Course work within the Hospitality Management option is aimed at developing the students’ knowledge of strategic thinking and its application to the hospitality industry. We define the hospitality industry as including all organizations that provide overnight accommodations and/or food service, to include hotels, destination resorts, hospitals, residence halls, cruise ships, etc.

Through an understanding of scanning techniques, the student will become acquainted with the major trends in the hospitality industries and will develop the analytical skills to interpret their current and future impact. From this understanding of environmental scanning and knowledge of the forces driving change in the hospitality industry, students will develop competitive methods that define the products and services in which hospitality firms need to invest to remain competitive. Students will then identify and evaluate core competencies in terms of overall value addition and competitive advantage to the firm taking into consideration both present and future effects.

Students graduating from the program are required to possess knowledge of forces in the hospitality industry’s environment that drive change. Furthermore, they should be able to assess the impact of these forces on the hospitality industry, which will enable them to appreciate the cause and effect relationship between the forces that drive change and the firms within the industry. This, in essence, will provide students with the tools to be effective leaders in the hospitality industry.

Required Courses

BA 487. Hospitality Financial Management (4)
BA 488. Advanced Hospitality Management (4)
MRKT 486. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (4)

Select three from the following for 12 credits:
BA 460. Venture Management (4)
MGMT 364. Project Management (4)
MGMT 453. Human Resources Management (4)
MRKT 488. Personal Selling (4)
MRKT 498. Services Marketing (4)


Option Code: 491

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