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Option Horticultural Research Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Horticulture - College of Agricultural Sciences

The Horticultural Research option is designed for students interested in graduate school and a career in academic or industrial research. It provides an excellent foundation in the natural sciences and horticulture and accommodates the specific interests of each student. Graduates of this program will be critical thinkers, and experienced technical communicators. They will be skilled in finding and using information, as well as synthesizing information from many sources to analyze novel situations and solve problems.

The relationship between the student and the research mentor is a key feature of this program. The mentor will assist the student in choosing upper-division classes that match the student's interests. Each student also completes a research project under the guidance of his or her mentor and writes an undergraduate thesis. Students can work with horticulture researchers on the OSU campus or at research institutions of their choosing. Our undergraduates have been welcomed at local research institutions including the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service laboratories, the National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis, the Corvallis Plant Materials Center of the National Resources Conservation Service, and the North Willamette Research and Extension Center.

The Horticultural Research option uses the new horticulture major core.

Option Requirements

Plant Materials

Select 1 of the following courses:
BOT 313. Plant Structure (4)
BOT 321. Plant Systematics (4)
BOT 425. Flora of the Pacific Northwest (3)
CROP 200. Crop Ecology and Morphology (3)
FES 241. Dendrology (3)
HORT 226. Landscape Plant Materials I: Deciduous Hardwoods and Conifers (4)
HORT 228. Landscape Plant Materials II: Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs (4)
HORT 251. Temperate Tree Fruit, Berries, Grapes, and Nuts (2)
HORT 255. Herbaceous Ornamental Plant Materials (3)
HORT/CROP 433. Systematics and Adaptation of Vegetable Crops (4)


Select 1 of the following courses:
BI 370. Ecology (3)
BOT 341. Plant Ecology (4)
HORT 318. ^Applied Ecology of Managed Ecosystems (3)


Select 1 of the following courses:
HORT/CROP 414. Precision Agriculture (4)
PBG 441. Plant Tissue Culture (4)

Horticultural Communication

HORT/BRR 406. Projects: Data Presentations (1)
HORT 407. Seminar (1)
HORT 411. Horticulture Book Club (1)

Select 1 of the following Writing Intensive Courses:
BOT 323. ^Flowering Plants of the World (3)
CROP/SOIL 325. ^Ag and Environmental Predicaments: A Case Study Approach (3) [Both terminated spring 2018]
HORT 318. ^Applied Ecology of Managed Ecosystems (3)


Select 1 of the following courses:
HORT 452. Berry and Grape Physiology and Culture (4)
HORT 453. Grapevine Growth and Physiology (3)
HORT 454. Principles and Practices of Vineyard Production (3)
HORT/CROP 463. Seed Biology (3)
HORT/CROP 480. Case Studies in Cropping Systems Management (4)
HORT 495. Horticultural Management Plans (3)
PBG 450. Plant Breeding (4)

Advanced Horticultural Science

PBG 430. Plant Genetics (3)

Math and Science Foundation Courses

BB 350. Elementary Biochemistry (4)
CH 331. Organic Chemistry (4)
CH 332. Organic Chemistry (4)
MTH 251. *Differential Calculus (4)
MTH 252. Integral Calculus (4)
PH 201. *General Physics (5)
PH 202. *General Physics (5)
ST 351. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)

Select 12 credits of upper-division Horticulture and Life Science courses (with approval of research mentor and advisor)

Ecology and Sustainability Ecosystems Courses

Meets Synthesis Requirements. Each course must be from a different department.

Contemporary Global Issues

Select 1 of the following courses:
AEC 351. *Natural Resource Economics and Policy (3)
AEC/ECON 352. *Environmental Economics and Policy (3)
BI 301. *Human Impacts on Ecosystems (3)
BI 306. *^Environmental Ecology (3)
CROP 330. *World Food Crops (3)
FES 365. *Issues in Natural Resources Conservation (3)
FW 325. *Global Crises in Resource Ecology (3)
GEOG 300. *Sustainability for the Common Good (3)
GEOG 330. *^Geography of International Development and Globalization (3)
HORT/ENT 331. *Pollinators in Peril (3)
SUS 350. *Sustainable Communities (4)
Z 349. *Biodiversity: Causes, Consequences, and Conservation (3)

Science, Technology and Society

Select 1 of the following courses:
ANS 315. *Contentious Social Issues in Animal Agriculture (3)
ATS 320. *The Changing Climate (3) [Terminated fall 2017]
BI 348. *Human Ecology (3)
BOT 324. *Fungi in Society (3)
CH 374. *Technology, Energy, and Risk (3)
ENGR 350. *Sustainable Engineering (3)
ENGR 363. *Energy Matters (3)
ENSC 479. *^Environmental Case Studies (3)
FES/TOX 435. *Genes and Chemicals in Agriculture: Value and Risk (3)
FES/NR 477. *Agroforestry (3)
FES 485. *Consensus and Natural Resources (3)
FST 421. *Food Law (3)
FW 470. *Ecology and History: Landscapes of the Columbia Basin (3)
GEOG 300. *Sustainability for the Common Good (3)
GEOG 340. *Introduction to Water Science and Policy (3)
HORT 330/ENT 300. *Plagues, Pests and Politics (3)
HST 481. *Environmental History of the United States (4)
HSTS 421. *Technology and Change (4)
NUTR 312. *Issues in Nutrition and Health (3)
PH 313. *Energy Alternatives (3)
PHL 325. *Scientific Reasoning (4)
PS 476. *Science and Politics (4)
SOIL 395. *World Soil Resources (3)
SUS 304. *Sustainability Assessment (4)

Total credits=64–72


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 614

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