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Option International Business Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Accountancy - College of Business
Business Administration - College of Business
Business Information Systems - College of Business
Finance - College of Business
Management - College of Business
Marketing - College of Business

The International Business option prepares students for positions in organizations engaged in international trade. Students study the economic, political, geographical, and socio-cultural factors that impact business across national boundaries. Areas of greatest opportunity for overseas assignments are with service organizations such as banks, consulting firms and accounting firms; with import/export firms; with governmental organizations; and in marketing and financial management areas of multinational firms. A career in international business can lead to exciting and rewarding opportunities abroad. Most multinational business firms, however, hire new employees first for domestic assignments in order to provide them with a thorough knowledge of the firm, its products, and its policies, or for specific assignments in one of the functional areas of the business, before providing overseas opportunities.

Because the majority of employees who eventually hold high-level positions in an international business start in entry-level positions within business areas, all international business students must also complete requirements for a primary discipline within a business. These disciplines include the majors in accountancy, business administration (Entrepreneurship, General Business, and Hospitality Management options), business information systems, finance, management and marketing.

Students earn this option with a minimum of one quarter term of study abroad through an international exchange or study abroad program approved by the College of Business. Students must complete a minimum of 18 quarter credits in business or business-related course work. The successfully completed course work must articulate back to OSU as courses that extend the knowledge and skills attained within the business core (that is, they cannot be used as a direct substitute for a business core course). Within the Arthur Stonehill International Business Exchange program offered through the College of Business, all courses offered by the partner schools are taught in English.

Course Requirements

BA 347. International Business (4)
BA 348. International Exchange Orientation (1)
BA 349. Impact of Culture on Business (1)
BA XXX. Minimum of 18 credits of business or business-related course work completed on an approved international exchange or study aboard program.


Students must earn this option with one term of study abroad through an approved College of Business international exchange. Courses in these programs are taught in English.

Option Code: 190

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