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Option Sustainable Ecosystems Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Bioresource Research - College of Agricultural Sciences

Sustainable ecosystems research addresses the sustainability of agricultural, forest, rangeland, wildlife, fishery, and native ecosystems. The program aims to define and develop natural and managed ecosystems in which environmental soundness results from the conscious interaction of humans with wildlife and other components of the systems. Innovative links among scientific and humanistic disciplines will bring about increased understanding of the present and future health of natural and managed ecosystems and associated human communities. Sustainable ecosystems research is multidisciplinary: insights from sociology, political science, anthropology, or philosophy may be combined with basic concepts from biology, chemistry, and physics to support research rooted in agricultural, forestry, rangeland management or wildlife management. Students will acquire perspective by choosing among a broad variety of courses, and will participate in field, laboratory, or systems analysis projects, preparing them for graduate/professional schools or research and regulatory positions.

Required Courses

Ecology and Ecological Methods:

BI 370. Ecology (3)
   or BOT 341. Plant Ecology (4)
   or FES 341. Forest Ecology (3)
   or RNG 421. Wildland Restoration and Ecology (4)
BI 371. ^Ecological Methods (3)
   or RNG 441. Rangeland Analysis (4)


Select one of the following:
PHL 440. *Environmental Ethics (4)
PHL 443. *World Views and Environmental Values (3)


Select one of the following:
AEC 352. *Environmental Economics and Policy (3)
ANTH 481. *Natural Resources and Community Values (3)
ANTH 482. *Anthropology of International Development (4)
ANS 315. *Contentious Social Issues in Animal Agriculture (3)
FOR 460. ^Forest Policy (4)
FW 325. *Global Crises in Resource Ecology (3)
FW 340. *Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources (3)
HST 481. *Environmental History of the U.S. (4)
PS 475. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
SOC 480. *Environmental Sociology (4)
SOC 481. *Society and Natural Resources (4)


Select one of the following:
AEC 351. *Natural Resource Economics and Policy (3)
BA 463. Family Business Management (4)
BI 348. *Human Ecology (3)
BOT 488. Environmental Physiology of Plants (3)
CROP 480. Case Studies in Cropping Systems Management (4)
FE 430. Watershed Processes (4)
FES 365. *Issues in Natural Resources Conservation (3)
FES/NR 477. *Agroforestry (3)
FES/FW/SOC 485. *Consensus and Natural Resource Issues (3)
FOR 457. Techniques for Forest Resource Analysis (4)
FOR 459. Forest Resource Planning and Decision Making (4)
FW 321. Fisheries and Wildlife Resource Ecology (3)
GEOG 300. *Sustainability for the Common Good (3)
RNG 468. International Rangeland Resource Management (3)
SOIL 395. *World Soil Resources (3) Ecampus only.

Specialization Courses

Nine to 14 credits approved by option faculty and research mentor.


Option Code: 142

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