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Option Landscape Analysis Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Natural Resources - College of Forestry

Also available via Ecampus.

This option prepares students to work with Geographic Information Science technology in a natural resource field such as wildfire ecology, land use planning, ecological restoration, and more. The pairing of the technical skills of GIScience with a disciplinary knowledge in a natural resource area will prepare students for the practical application of technical skills in the real world.

In addition, this specialty option will allow students to earn the GIScience Undergraduate Certificate through the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences concurrently with their BS degree through the College of Forestry. The student will apply to the GIS Certificate Program as well as the Natural Resources Program.

Students should contact Kuuipo Walsh, GIScience Certificate Program Director, to enroll in the GIScience Certificate Program. The GIScience Undergraduate Certificate is not currently a stand-alone Ecampus certificate but can be completed online through this option. More information about the certificate program is available here at

No S/U grades are accepted for the GEO courses that are counted for the GIS Certificate.

No more than 24 credits from one department; no more than 20 lower-division credits.

GIScience Required Courses (16 credits)

GEO 301. Map and Image Interpretation (4)
   or GEOG 201. *Foundations of Geospatial Science and GIS (4)
GEO 360. Cartography (4)
   or GEOG 370. Geovisualization: Cartography (4)
GEO 444. Remote Sensing (4)
   or GEOG 480. Remote Sensing I: Principles and Applications (4)
ST 202. Principles of Statistics (4)
  or ST 352. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)

GIScience Electives (Choose 7–8 credits)

CE 413. GIS In Water Resources (3)
ECE 468. Digital Image Processing (3)
CROP/HORT 414. Precision Agriculture (4)
FE 209. Forest Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (4)
FE 310. Forest Route Surveying (4)
FE 422. Forest Geomatics (4)
GEO 445. Computer-Assisted Cartography (3)
   or GEOG 472. Geovisualization: Geovisual Analytics (3)
GEO 465. Geographic Information Systems and Science (4)
   or GEOG 360. GIScience I: Geographic Information Systems and Theory (4)
GEOG 481. Remote Sensing II: Digital Image Processing (4)
GEO 480. Advanced GIS Applications in the Geosciences (4)
   or GEOG 361. GIScience II: Analysis and Applications (4)
SOIL 468. Soil Landscape Analysis (4)
CS 410. Occupational Internship (4)
   or ECE 410. Internship (4)
   or ENSC 410. Internship (4)
   or FOR 410. Internship (4)
   or GEO 410. Internship (4)

Natural Resources Electives (16–17 credits minimum)

The following courses in the NR Core and Breadth are required prerequisites for courses in this option:
NR Core Mathematics Requirement: MTH 112. *Elementary Functions (4)
NR Core Measurements Requirement: FE 208. Forest Surveying (4)
NR Core GIS Requirement: GEO 365. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (4) or GEOG 360. GIScience I: Geographic Information Systems​ and Theory (4) or FE 257. GIS and Forest Engineering Applications (3)

Minimum Total=40


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed - Signifies that the Major/Option can be completed thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

Option Code: 689

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