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Option Pre-Education Biology Undergraduate Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Biology - College of Science

The Biology major Pre-Education option is designed to complete the requirements for the OSU Science Education master's degree and other U.S. graduate licensure programs for secondary education, but students should consult the requirements for specific schools before they apply because requirements can change. The option couples the strong background of the Biology major with core science education and science electives, as well as a required practicum experience. Dedicated education advisors work with Pre-Education option students to integrate teaching and other essential professional experiences during their time at OSU.

Options in the Biology major require 15 or fewer additional credits (one term) beyond the basic Biology major, and most students can complete the additional Pre-Education option course work in four years. Courses used to satisfy the Pre-Education option requirements also satisfy the upper-division science electives requirements in the Biology major. The courses selected below must total 15 or more upper-division (300–400) credits.

It is recommended that Pre-Education option students take COMM 111 *Public Speaking (3) to complete the Biology major OSU Baccalaureate Core communications requirement.

For further information, see MyDegrees or the Integrative Biology website at

Science Education Core (10 credits)

HDFS 313. Adolescent Development (4)
SED 412/SED 512. Technology Foundations for Teaching Math and Science (3)
SED 413/SED 513. Inquiry in Science and Science Education (3)

Practicum Experience (complete three or more credits)

Select 3 or more credits involving middle and/or high school experience—this must total 60 hours or more of classroom experience:
ED 309. Field Practicum (3)
ED 409. Practicum/Clinical Experience (September Experience) (1–3)

Chemistry Course

Select one course from the following:
BB 493. Biochemistry Laboratory Molecular Techniques 1 (3)
CH 324. Quantitative Analysis (4)
CH 390. Environmental Chemistry (3)

Integrated Science Courses

Select two courses from the following:
ATS 210. Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (3) [Terminated fall 2017]
ATS 320. *The Changing Climate (3) [Terminated fall 2017]
GEO 201. *Physical Geology (4)
GEO 202. *Earth Systems Science (4)
GEO 203. *Evolution of Planet Earth (4)
GEO 221. *Environmental Geology (4)
GEO 305. *Living With Active Cascade Volcanoes (3)
GEO 306. *Minerals, Energy, Water and the Environment (3)
GEO 307. *National Park Geology and Preservation (3)
GEOG 323. ^Climatology (4)
OC 201. *Oceanography (4)

Total=22–25 credits


* Baccalaureate Core Course
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Option Code: 226

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