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Option Natural Resource Policy and Management Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
Natural Resources - College of Forestry

Also available via Ecampus.


This option will prepare students for careers in the broad arena of natural resource and environmental conservation, with an emphasis on the social and political aspects of resource issues.

No more than 20 credits from one department; no more than 20 lower-division credits.

Social Science Foundation

Students must take at least two courses from the following. [PS and SOC are prerequisites for certain upper-division courses]
PHL 201. *Introduction to Philosophy (4)
PS 201. *Introduction to United States Government and Politics (4)
PSY 201. *General Psychology (3)
   or PSY 202. *General Psychology (3)
SOC 204. *Introduction to Sociology (3)

Social Sciences and Natural Resources

Students must take at least three courses from the following, with no more than two from any one department:
AG 301. *Ecosystem Science of Pacific NW Indians (3)
AG 421. ^Leadership Development (3)
ANS/FES/FW/SOC 485. *Consensus and Natural Resources (3)
COMM 321. Introduction to Communication Theory (3)
FOR 111. Introduction to Forestry (3)
FW 251. Principles of Fish and Wildlife Conservation (3)
FW 323. Management Principles of Pacific Salmon in the Northwest (3)
FW 340. *Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources (3)
FW 470. *Ecology and History: Landscapes of the Columbia Basin (3)
GEO 300. *Sustainability for the Common Good (3)
SOC 360. *Population Trends and Policy (4)
SOC 454. *Leisure and Culture (4)
SOC 456. *Science and Technology in Social Context (4)
SOC 480. *Environmental Sociology (4)
SOC 481. *Society and Natural Resources (4)

Natural Resource Policy and Management

Students choose 25 credits from the list of courses below.
AEC 253. *Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics (4)
BOT 440. Field Methods in Plant Ecology (4)
ENSC 479. *^Environmental Case Studies (3)
FES 342. Forest Types of the Northwest (3)
FOR/FW/RNG 346. Topics in Wildland Fire (3)
FES 365. *Issues in Natural Resources Conservation (3)
FES/FW 445. Ecological Restoration (4)
FOR/RNG 436. Wildland Fire Science and Management (4)
FOR/FW/RNG 446. Wildland Fire Ecology (3)
FW 303. Survey of Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resources (3)
FW 311. Ornithology (3)
FW 315. Ichthyology (3)
FW 317. Mammalogy (3)
FW 320. Introductory Population Dynamics (4)
FW 321. Applied Community and Ecosystem Ecology (3)
FW 325. *Global Crises in Resource Ecology (3)
FW 326. Integrated Watershed Management (3)
FW 350. *Endangered Species, Society, and Sustainability (3)
FW 427. Principles of Wildlife Diseases (4)
FW 435. ^Wildlife in Agricultural Ecosystems (3)
FW 479. Wetlands and Riparian Ecology (3)
GEO 301. Map and Image Interpretation (4)
GEO 308. *Global Change and Earth Sciences (3)
GEO 365. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (4)
GEO 465. Geographic Information Systems and Science (4)
PS 449. ^Topics in Comparative Politics (4)
PS 475. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
RNG 455. Riparian Ecology and Management (3)
RNG 490. Rangeland Management Planning (4)



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed - Signifies that the Major/Option can be completed thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

Option Code: 680

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