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Option Pre-Dentistry Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
General Science - College of Science

Chere Pereira, Chief Advisor

The College of Science offers a pre-dental curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science that satisfies the requirements for admission to most dental schools.

Students may wish to declare another major, such as biology, microbiology, or zoology, to gain a broader background should plans to enter dental school change. In this case, students should consult with a departmental advisor as soon as feasible and select electives that will satisfy the requirements in the chosen major.

Admission to dental school is competitive; students are selected on the basis of grades, DAT scores, dental experience, and apparent motivation for dentistry. A member of the pre-dental committee is assigned to each student as an advisor.

First Year (45)

BI 107. Health Professions: Dental (1)
CH 231, CH 232, CH 233. *General Chemistry (4,4,4)
   and CH 261, CH 262, CH 263. *Laboratory for Chemistry 231, 232, 233 (1,1,1)
MTH 251. *Differential Calculus (4)
MTH 252. Integral Calculus (4)
   or MTH 268. Mathematical Ideas in Biology (4)
   or ST 201. Principles of Statistics (4)
   or ST 351. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)
Speech (3)
WR 121. *English Composition (3)
Baccalaureate core courses and electives (15)

Sophomore Year (4546)

BI 211, BI 212, BI 213. *Principles of Biology (4,4,4)
CH 331, CH 332, CH 337. Organic Chemistry (4,4,4)
Baccalaureate core courses and electives (14)
Additional math, computer science, or statistics courses (4)
Writing II (3)

Junior Year (42–48)

BI 314. Cell and Molecular Biology (4)
BB 450, BB 451. General Biochemistry (4,3)
   or BB 350. Elementary Biochemistry (4)
BI 311. Genetics (4)

Choose 4 credits of WIC from the following:
HSTS 415. ^Theory of Evolution and Foundation of Modern Biology (4)
HSTS 417. ^History of Medicine (4)
HSTS 425. ^History of the Life Sciences (4)

Z 331, Z 332, Z 333. Human Anatomy and Physiology (3,3,3)
Z 341, Z 342, Z 343. Human Anatomy and Physiology Labs (2,2,2)
Electives (12–15)

Senior Year (45)

BI 460. Cell Biology (3)
PH 201, PH 202, PH 203. *General Physics (5,5,5)
Z 425. Embryology and Development (5)
Baccalaureate core courses and electives (22)

Graduation in general science/pre-dentistry requires a total of 40 credits of upper-division courses in science.

Option Code: 595

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