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Option Pre-Education Option  

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This option is offered within the following major(s):
General Science - College of Science

Jen Olarra, Chief Advisor

The BS degree in General Science with a Pre-Education option is now offered at the OSU-Cascades branch campus in Bend. Please contact an OSU-Cascades advisor regarding course articulation from Central Oregon Community College.

The General Science major with the Pre-Education option is designed to prepare students interested in teaching elementary or middle school science to enter teacher licensure programs. The College of Education offers a master’s degree with teacher certification while the College of Education offers a concurrent bachelor’s degree with teacher certification.

Other pre-education options are offered in the College of Science through the Biology Program and departments of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Students wishing to teach at the secondary school level are encouraged to major in their subject area with a pre-education option. It is important to work with an advisor to ensure that all requirements to enter a teacher licensure program are met. Experience in a classroom is required for entry into most teacher education programs.

First Year (45)

CH 121. General Chemistry (5)
CH 122, CH 123. *General Chemistry (5,5)
   or CH 231, CH 232, CH 233. *General Chemistry (4,4,4) and CH 261, CH 262, CH 263. *Laboratory for Chemistry 231, 232, 233 (1,1,1)
GEO 105. *Geography of the Non-Western World (3)
   or GEO 325. *Geography of Africa (3)
   or GEO 327. *Geography of Asia (3)
   or GEO 328. *Geography of Latin America (3)
HHS 231. *Lifetime Fitness for Health (2)
HHS 241HHS 248. *Lifetime Fitness: (various activities) (1) 
   or any PAC course (1–2)
MTH 111. *College Algebra (4)
MTH 211, MTH 212. *Foundations Elementary Mathematics (4,4)
PSY 201, PSY 202. *General Psychology (3,3)
Speech (3)
WR 121. *English Composition (3)

Sophomore Year (45)

BI 101, BI 102, BI 103. *General Biology (4,4,4)
   or BI 211, BI 212, BI 213. *General Biology (4,4,4)(BI 21X series recommended)
MTH 390. Foundations Elementary Mathematics (4)
SED 407. Seminar: Introduction to Science Education (2) (Required)
WR II. *English Composition (3)
Literature and Arts—Choose one course from Baccalaureate Core Literature and Arts category.

ART 101.*Introduction to the Visual Arts (4)
ENG 106. *Introduction to Literature: Poetry (3)
TA 147. *Introduction to the Theatre (3)

Practicum Experience. (Choose 6 credits minimum from the following):
SED 406. Projects (1–16)
TCE 309. Field Practicum (3)(Repeatable credit)
TCE 409. Practicum/Clinical Experience: Winter Break or September Experience (1–3)(Repeatable credit)
Note: All practica must be completed in a science or math classroom.

Earth Science. (Choose 8 credits from the following):
GEO 101. *The Solid Earth (4)
GEO 102. *The Surface of the Earth (4)
GEO 201. *Physical Geology (4)
GEO 202. *Earth Systems Science (4)
GEO 203. *Evolution of Planet Earth (4)

Electives (7)

Junior Year (45)

History (Choose one course from each group for a total of 8 credits) 
HST 101, HST 102, or HST 103. *History of Western Civilization (4)
HST 201, HST 202, or HST 203. *History of the U.S. (4)

Physics or physical sciences, choose from below (11–15):
PH 201, PH 202, PH 203. *General Physics (5,5,5)
   or PH 211, PH 212, PH 213. *General Physics with Calculus (4,4,4)
   or ATS 210. Introduction to the Atmospheric Sciences (3)
   or PH 104. *Descriptive Astronomy (4)
   or PH 106. *Perspectives in Physics (4)

Human Development (Choose 2–4 credits from the following)
HDFS 313. Adolescent Development (4)
   or TCE 253. Learning Across the Lifespan (3)
   or TCE 412. Learning Styles and Needs in Adolescence (2)

Education (Choose a minimum of 12 credits in SED or TCE from the recommended list below)
SED 412. Technology Foundations for Teaching Math and Science (3)
SED 413. Inquiry in Science and Science Education (3)
   or SED 414. Inquiry in Mathematics and Mathematics Education (3)
TCE 216. *Purpose, Structure, and Function of Education in a Democracy (3)
TCE 219. Multicultural Issues in Educational Settings (3)

Contemporary Global Issues (3)
Electives (3–9)

Senior Year (45)

Must consist of at least 31 credits of upper-division science courses (including 4 credits of history of science) that are pre-approved by the head advisor in the College of Science.

Choose 4 credits of WIC from the following:
HSTS 415. ^Theory of Evolution and Foundation of Modern Biology (4)
HSTS 419. ^Studies in Scientific Controversy: Methods and Practices (4)
HSTS 422. ^Historical Studies of Science and Politics (4)
HSTS 425. ^History of the Life Sciences (4)

No more than 6 credits of unstructured courses numbered 401, 403, 405, 407, and 410 may be included in the major option.
Electives (14)
A foreign language, especially Spanish, is recommended.


Option Code: 534

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