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Ethnic Studies  Minor

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College of Liberal Arts|School of Language, Culture, and Society

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field founded in activism and critically engaging the historical and ongoing impact of race and ethnicity primarily in the US but within a global context. A minor in Ethnic Studies provides students with a strong background and set of analytical skills to address issues of difference and inequality in a wide range of areas, from state policy and institutions to pop culture, media, and literature, and is a valuable complement to any major.

Ethnic Studies Minor Core — Required of all minors (6 credits):

ES 101. *Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)
ES 201. *Inventing Ethnic America (3)

Ethnic Studies 200-level Courses

Choose two courses from among the following (8 credits):
ES 211. *Introduction to Latino/a Studies (4) (Pending Approval 97876)
ES 213. *Contemporary Issues in Latino/a Studies (4) (Pending Approval 97877)
ES 221. *Survey of African American Studies I (4)
ES 223. *Survey of African American Studies II (4)
ES 231. *Introduction to Asian American Studies (4)
ES 233. *Asian Pacific American Activism and Empowerment (4)
ES 241. *Introduction to Native American Studies (4)
ES 243. *Native American Assimilation and Activism (4)

Ethnic Studies Upper-Division Elective Courses

Choose four courses from among the following (14–16 credits, at least two courses must be 400-level):
ES 311. Narratives of Latino Migrations (3)
ES 314. Chicano/a Literature (3)
ES 321. African American Political and Social Thought: 20th Century (4)
ES 323. Contemporary African American Social Discourse (4)
ES 332. Asian Pacific Americans and the Media (4)
ES 334 *Asian Pacific American Literature (4)
ES 345. Native Americans in Oregon (4)
ES 350. ^Public Discourse and Writings on Race (4)
ES 351. *Ethnic Minorities in Oregon (4)
ES 353. *Environmental Racism (4)
ES 354. ^Literature of Ethnic Minorities in the United States (4)
ES 355. *Race, Space, and Difference (4)
ES 357. *Farmworker Justice Movements (4)
ES/QS/WGSS 375. *Arts and Social Justice (4)
ES 399. Special Topics (3–4)
ES 411. Chicano/as in/on Film (3)
ES/QS/WGSS 431. *Queer of Color Critiques (4)
ES 437. *(En)gendering Asian Pacific America (4)
ES 444. Native American Law: Tribes, Treaties, and the United States (4)
ES 445. *Native American Science and Technology (4)
ES/PHL/REL 448. Native American Philosophies (4)
ES 451. Theories of Race and Ethnicity (4)
ES 452. *Ethnicity in Film (4)
ES 453. *Ethnohistory Methodology (4)
ES 457. *Literature by Women of Color in the United States (4)
ES 458. Racial Patterns of Urbanization (4)
ES/ANTH/WLC 459. Language, Race and Racism in the U.S.: Advanced Study (4)
ES 460. Ethnicity and Social Justice (4)
ES 461. Racism and the Prison Industrial Complex (4)
ES/FCSJ 464. Food and Ethnic Identity: Decolonizing Our Food and Body (3)
ES/QS/WGSS 472. *Indigenous Two-Spirit and Queer Studies (3)
ES/QS/WGSS 477. *Queer/Trans People of Color Arts and Activism (4)
ES 499. Special Topics (3–4)

A grade-point average of 2.0 and a grade of C– or above in all minor course work are required.

Total Required: 28–30 credits (14–16 upper division)


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Minor Code: 894

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