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Applied Journalism  Minor

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College of Liberal Arts|School of Writing, Literature and Film

The mission of the Applied Journalism minor is to provide the OSU students already invested in journalistic careers with a formal curriculum of classes and interactive media experiences that position contemporary journalism as innovative, rigorous and devoted to upholding stringent ethical standards, in which participants must implement critical thinking skills that account for global cultural awareness and diversity, while acknowledging the media’s multifarious and ever-expanding role in influencing, shaping and informing society and culture.

Applied Journalism course work will not only enable OSU student journalists to produce clear, concise, accurate stories for all types of media, it will encourage them to develop their abilities as journalistic entrepreneurs proficient at mobilizing whatever media forms best circulate that information. Working with academic advisors in their specific majors, participants in the AJ minor will determine how best to articulate their course work in order to serve their individual interests in audio, video, text, graphic and/or web content – with an academic premium placed on threading any/all of these media forms into innovative blends.

The curricular approach of the AJ minor centralizes a critical interface of classroom study and media experience, while the rigorous internship requirement at the center of the curriculum (one credit per term for a minimum of three credits) keeps students immersed in hands-on engagement via the award-winning facilities at Orange Media Network. By practicing their hand at a variety of broadcast, mutlimedia and print journalism platforms, the deep interface between curriculum and internship will enable participants to find their journalistic "homes," revealing the media form they'll focus on when entering the professional world.

The course offerings coordinated by the School of Writing, Literature and Film and the School of Art and Communication will equip participants with a solid command of the bedrock journalistic skills germane to any media form (data gathering, interviewing, drafting, storytelling, time management, document organization and putting every story through a stringent system of editing and fact-checking), while participating in courses like AJ 490, Media Law and Ethics, and Media Studies will build the capacity to create responsible and ethical communities. Participating in our array of classes, along with taking a leadership role in student- and professionally-run media outlets, will truly enable graduates in the Minor to acquire the journalistic skills crucial to obtain stellar careers in the global media industry.

Required Courses (15)

AJ 311. Media Storytelling (3)
AJ 312. Advanced Media Storytelling (3)
AJ 313. Professional Practices in Applied Journalism (3)
AJ 410. Internship (3)
AJ 490. Media Law and Ethics (3)

Electives (12)

Select 12 credits from below:
ART 263. Digital Photography (4)
ART 350. Photography on Assignment (4)
ART 446. Documentary Photography (4)
COMM 368. Propaganda and Social Control (3)
NMC 349. Video Art (4)
  or ART 349. Video Art (4)
NMC 409. Practicum (1–16)
NMC 482. Documentary (4)
WR 303. *Writing for the Web (3)
WR 330. *Understanding Grammar (3)
WR 353. Writing About Places (3) (Ecampus only)
WR 362. *Science Writing (3)
WR 383. Food Writing (4)
WR 414. Advertising and Public Relations Writing (4)
WR 448. Magazine Article Writing (4)
WR 449. Critical Reviewing (4)
WR 462. ^Environmental Writing (4)
WR 497. Digital Literacy and Culture (4)



* Baccalaureate Core Course
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Minor Code: 796

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