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Marine Conservation and Management  Minor

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College of Agricultural Sciences|Fisheries and Wildlife

The Marine Conservation and Management minor focuses on marine vertebrates, conservation science, and management of living marine resources.The core is organized around the three main themes in OSU’s strategic plan of healthy planet, healthy economy, and healthy people. The elective section is broken into two groups of courses, one on species and habitats, the other one experiential learning and skills.

A series in general biology equivalent to the BI 211, BI 212, BI 213, *Principles of Biology, or BI 204, BI 205, BI 206, *Introductory Biology, is a recommended prerequisite to the Marine Conservation and Management minor.

A minimum of 27 credits is required. Double counting restrictions are listed for each section. Double counting towards the baccalaureate core is permitted in all sections. 

Core (14 credits minimum)

Core courses may be double counted.

The Ocean and its Resources:

FW 324. *Food from the Sea (3)
FW 426. Coastal Ecology and Resource Management (5)
OC 201. *Oceanography (4)

Law, Policy, Economics, and Human Dimensions:

Select one course from below (3):
FW 340. *Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources (3)
FW 415. Fisheries and Wildlife Law and Policy (3)
FW 422. Introduction to Ocean Law (3)
OC 333. Oceans, Coasts, and People (3)

Electives (13 credits minimum required)

Must include at least one course from each category. None of these courses may be double counted.

Species and Habitats

BI 351. Marine Ecology (3)
BOT 416. Aquatic Botany (4)
FW/BI 302. Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals (4)
FW 323. Management Principles of Pacific Salmon in the Northwest (3)
FW 331. Ecology of Marine and Estuarine Birds (4)
FW 370. Conservation Genetics (4)
FW 419. The Natural History of Whales and Whaling (3)
FW/BI 421. Aquatic Biological Invasions (4)
FW 431. Dynamics of Marine Biological Resources (4)
FW/OC 434. Estuarine Ecology (4)
FW 454. ^Fishery Biology (4)
FW 464. Marine Conservation Biology (3)
FW 465. Marine Fisheries (4)
FW 467. Antarctic Science and Conservation (4)
FW 474. Early Life History of Fishes (4)
FW/MB 491. Fish Diseases in Conservation Biology and Aquaculture (4)
FW 497. ^Aquaculture (3)
FW 498. Aquaculture Laboratory (3)
OC 332. Coastal Oceanography (3)
OC 440. Biological Oceanography (4)
Z 461. Marine and Estuarine Invertebrate Zoology (4)

Experiential Learning and Skills

FW 301. Field Techniques for Marine Mammal Conservation (1)
FW 303. Survey of Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resources (3)
FW/VMB 328. Wildlife Capture and Immobilization (2)
FW 469. Methods in Physiology and Behavior of Marine Megafauna (3)
FW 493. Field Methods for Marine Research (3)
GEOG 201. Foundations of Geospatial Science and GIS (4)
GEOG 360. GIScience I: Geographic Information Systems and Theory (4)
GRAD 430. Introduction to Scientific Diving (4)
NS 313. Naval Operations and Seamanship (3)

Total=27 minimum


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ WIC, Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Minor Code: 788

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