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Geography  Minor

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College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Also available via Ecampus.

The Geography minor will allow interested non-majors to explore:

The minor consists of 14 credits of core courses and at least 13 credits of elective courses for a total of 27 credits. Students must complete a minimum of 14 unique credits in the minor that do not fulfill requirements of majors, minors, options or certificates.

Core Requirements (14)

One course in each of the following areas:

Human and Regional Geography (choose one):
GEOG 103. *Human Geography (3) EC
GEOG 105. *Geography of the Non-Western World (3) EC
GEOG 106. *Geography of the Western World (3) EC
GEOG 203. *Human-Environment Geography (3) EC

Physical Geography (choose one):
GEO 202. *Earth Systems Science (4)
GEO 203. *Evolution of Planet Earth (4)
GEO 221. *Environmental Geology (4) EC
GEOG 102. *Physical Geography (4) EC
OC 103. *Exploring the Deep: Geography of the World's Oceans (4) EC

GEOG 300. *Sustainability for the Common Good (3) EC

Geographic Techniques (choose one):
GEOG 201. *Foundations of Geospatial Science and GIS (4) EC
GEOG 360. Geographic Information Systems and Theory (4) EC
GEOG 370. Geovisualization: Cartography (4) EC
GEOG 371. Geovisualization: Web Mapping (4)

Electives (13)

Select any combination of additional courses from the list below totaling at least 13 credits. Courses are grouped below by focus area; students may choose courses from one or more focus areas.

Physical Geography:
FE 430. Watershed Processes (4) EC
GEO 306. *Minerals, Energy, Water, and the Environment (3) EC
GEOG 323. ^Climatology (4) EC
GEOG 324. Geography of Life: Species Distributions and Conservation (4)
GEOG 423. Snow Hydrology (3)

International Studies
GEOG 311. *Geography of Africa (3)
GEOG 313. *Geography of Asia (3)
GEOG 330. *^Geography of International Development and Globalization (3)
GEOG 431.  Global Resources and Development (3)                                 

Water Resources
GEOG 340. *Introduction to Water Science and Policy (3)
GEOG 423. Snow Hydrology (3)
GEOG 424. Hydrology for Water Resources Management (3)
GEOG 440. Water Resources Management in the United States (3)
GEOG 441.  International Water Resources Management (3)

Resources, Hazards, and Planning
GEO 305. *Living with Active Cascade Volcanoes (3) EC
GEO 308. *Global Change and Earth Sciences (3) EC
GEO 380. *Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (3) EC
GEOG 331. *Population, Consumption, and Environment (3) 
GEOG 350. *Geography of Natural Hazards (3)
GEOG 430. Resilience-based Natural Resource Management (3)
GEOG 432. Geography of Food and Agriculture (3)
GEOG 450. Land Use in the American West (3)
GEOG 451. Planning Principles and Practices for Resilient Communities (4)
GEOG 452. Sustainable Site Planning (3)

Total = 27


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)
EC Also available via Extended Campus

Minor Code: 545

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