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Comparative International Agriculture  Minor

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College of Agricultural Sciences|Agricultural Education and General Agriculture

The minor provides students with formal instruction in international agricultural concepts and practical experiences through global awareness course work, language immersion via study/research abroad, and/or international fieldwork. The 27-credit curriculum prepares students for successful postbaccalaureate international careers, or those seeking graduate studies in international agriculture programs. Students critically examine current international agricultural issues and/or diversity and communications. To be eligible to apply for this minor, students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher and be in good standing with Oregon State University. Students must also be in a declared major. Participants in this minor program are able to:

  1. Research the major agricultural themes and issues of another nation besides the United States of America.
  2. Examine trade information to determine the key elements of agricultural trade agreements between the USA and another country.
  3. Analyze the effectiveness of agricultural practices of another nation besides the USA.
  4. Investigate the effect of broad social, economic, and environmental forces upon the agricultural industry of another nation besides the USA.

Course Requirements

All 27 credits for the minor must be completed with a C or higher grade. Students can complete 12 to 18 upper-division credits and a maximum of 14 lower division-credits.

Required for All Students:

AGRI 438. Exploring World Agriculture (2)

Global Core (9–12)

AG 301. *Ecosystem Science of Pacific NW Indians (3)
ANTH 210. *Comparative Cultures (3)
ANTH 330. *Evolution of People, Technology, and Society (3)
ANTH 486. Anthropology of Food (4)
CROP 330. *World Food Crops (3)
FW 325. *Global Crises in Resource Ecology (3)
GEOG 105. *Geography of the Non-Western World (3)
GEOG 330. *^Geography of International Development and Globalization (3)
GEOG 431. Global Resources and Development (3)
PHL 205. *Ethics (4)
PS 204. *Introduction to Comparative Politics (4)
PS 205. *Introduction to International Relations (4)

External Learning Experience (3–6)

Projects and independent learning experiences in these courses require preapproval by the minor coordinator.

AG 401. Research (variable)
AG 402. Independent Studies (variable)
AG 406. Special Problems (variable)
AG 410. Internship (variable)

Approved Electives (12 maximum)

Students may choose electives from the following areas of study in the College of Agricultural Sciences:

AEC Applied Economics, AG General Agriculture, AGRI College of Agricultural Sciences, ANS Animal Sciences, BOT Botany and Plant Pathology, CSS Crop and Soil Science, CROP Crop Science, ENT Entomology, FST Food Science Technology, FW Fisheries and Wildlife, HORT Horticulture, RNG Rangeland Ecology and Management, SOIL Soil Science, SUS Sustainability, TOX Toxicology



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Minor Code: 477

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