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Social Justice  Minor

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College of Liberal Arts|School of Language, Culture, and Society

The Social Justice minor provides interdisciplinary academic classes in which students think critically about social justice and experiential learning activities in which students engage in the work of social justice. The program addresses local, national and international issues of social justice. A core of theory, case studies, and practice is combined with elective courses from across the College of Liberal Arts that address the following areas: histories, cultures and geographies of dominance; experiences of oppression; theories of justice; policies, institutions, and structures that promote or hinder equity; and collective action or processes of change leading to social justice.

The Social Justice minor is a collaboration of the School of Language, Culture, and Society, the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, and the School of Public Policy.

Required Courses (9 credits)

ANTH/ES/WGSS/WLC 373. Approaches to Social Justice (3) 
ANTH/ES/WGSS/WLC 410. Internship (4) (3 of active internship, 1 of critical discussion about internship.)
ANTH/ES/WGSS/WLC 485. Capstone in Social Justice (2)


18 credits taken in at least three different designators with at least one globally-oriented course (indicated by a superscript 1). Categorization of courses is to facilitate advising and choice by students.

Theories and Perspectives

ANTH 345. *Biological and Cultural Constructions of Race (3)
ES 451. Theories of Race and Ethnicity (4)
ES 460. Ethnicity and Social Justice (4)
PHL/REL 160. *Quests for Meaning: World Religions (4)1
PHL 205. *Ethics (4)
PHL 207. *Political Philosophy (4)
PHL/REL 220. *World-Views and Values in the Bible (4)1
PHL/REL 315. *Gandhi and Nonviolence (4)1
PHL/REL 344. *Pacifism, Just War, and Terrorism (4)1
PHL 365. *Law in Philosophical Perspective (4)
PHL/REL 431. Buddhism, Non-Violence, and Social Justice (4)1
PHL/REL 444. *Biomedical Ethics (4)
PAX/REL 201. Study of Peace and the Causes of Conflict (3)
PS 206. *Introduction to Political Thought (4)
PS 322. *Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties (4)
PS 361. Classical Political Thought (4)
PS 362. Modern Political Thought (4)
PS 363. *Gender and Race in American Political Thought (4)
PS 461. Environmental Political Theory (4)
PS 462. Theories of Law (4)
QS/WGSS 462. *Queer Theories (3)
WGSS 416. Theories of Feminism (4)

History, Cultures, Experiences of Oppression; Collective Movements

ANTH 315. *Peoples of the World-Africa (3)1
ANTH 468. Anthropology of Childhood (4)1
ANTH 473. *Gender, Ethnicity, and Culture (4)1
ANTH 481. *Natural Resources and Community Values (3)1
ANTH 484. *Wealth and Poverty (3)1
ENG/FILM 220. *Topics in Difference, Power, and Discrimination (4)
FR 329.*Francophone Cultures in Film (3)1 [Terminated summer 2017]
FR 339. French: Francophone Studies (3)1
HST 368. *Lesbian and Gay Movements in Modern America (4)
HST/REL 425. *The Holocaust in its History (4)1
QS/WGSS 262. *Introduction to Queer Studies (3)
QS/ES/WGSS 431. *Queer of Color Critiques (3)
QS/ES/WGSS 472. ^Indigenous Two-Spirit and Queer Studies (3)
SOC 471. Social Movements (4)

Systems of Oppression: Institutions, Policies, Structures

ANTH 251. *Language in the USA (3)
ANTH 383. *Introduction to Medical Anthropology (3)
ANTH 471. Cash, Class and Culture: Hunter-Gatherers to Capitalism (4)1
ANTH 482. *Anthropology of International Development (4)1
COMM 368. Propaganda and Social Control (3)
COMM 460. Rhetoric of Revolutionaries and Reactionaries: 1750 to 1900 (3)
COMM 462. Rhetoric of Revolutionaries and Reactionaries: 1900–Present (3)
FCSJ/ANTH 361. Food Justice  (4)1
GER 231. *German Dictatorships: Nazis and Communists (3)1 [Terminated fall 2017]
HST/PHL/REL 210. *Religion in the United States (4)
HST 362. Women in United States History (4)
HST 363. Women in United States History (4)
PHL/REL 316. Intellectual Issues of Mexico and Mexican Americans (4)1
PS 317. Gender and Politics (4)
PS 425. *Gender and the Law (4)
QS/WGSS 364. *Transgender Politics (3)
SOC 426. *Social Inequality (4)
SOC 439. Welfare and Social Services (4)
SOC 450. Sociology of Education (4)
SOC 472. Giving and Voluntarism (4)
UEXP 290. Information and Global Social Justice (3)
WGSS 414. *Systems of Oppression in Women's Lives (4)
WGSS 495. *Global Feminist Theologies (4)1



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)
1 Globally-oriented course

Minor Code: 271

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