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Rural Studies  Graduate Minor

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College of Agricultural Sciences|Applied Economics

Rural communities—both in the U.S. and globally—face an extraordinarily complex set of challenges due to sparse settlements and geographic isolation, exacerbated by globalization and technological change in an interdependent urban-rural system. Addressing these challenges requires both the theoretical insights of multiple disciplines and the practical wisdom that derives from engagement in solving actual problems in rural places. Emerging approaches to the study of rural people and places offer opportunities to examine rural issues from the perspective of multiple disciplines and diverse research methods that can capture the complexities at the intersections of place and space. Yet graduate training programs in these new approaches to rural studies are scarce.

Offered through campus and field-based experiential education, the graduate minor in Rural Studies provides students with the skills and competencies needed to understand economic, social, political and cultural dynamics of rural places.

The Rural Studies minor complements and supports other programs at OSU including the Master of Public Policy’s concentration in rural policy and other graduate programs where students and faculty engage in rural issues such as applied economics, anthropology, forest ecosystems and society, geosciences, and human development and family sciences.

Required Core (4 credits)

RS 512. Introduction to Rural Studies (2)
RS 513. Contemporary Rural Issues (2)

Electives (Minimum 14 credits)

AEC 554. Rural Development Economics and Policy (3)
ANTH 571. Cash, Class and Culture: Hunter-Gatherers to Capitalism (4)
ANTH 581. Natural Resources and Community Values (4)
ANTH 582. Anthropology of International Development (3)
ANTH 584. Wealth and Poverty (3)
ANTH 586. Anthropology of Food (4)
ANTH 599. Special Topics: Ethnographic Field School 1–16
ANTH 599. Special Topics: Rural Anthropology (3)
ENG 582. Studies in American Literature, Culture, and the Environment (3)
ES 544. Native American Law: Tribes, Treaties, and the United States (4)
ES/PHL 548. Native American Philosophies (4)
GEOG 530. Resilience-Based Natural Resource Management (3)
GEOG 550. Land Use in the American West (3)
GEOG 531. Global Resources and Development (3)
GEOG 551. Planning Principles and Practices for Resilient Communities (3)
H 520. Health Disparities (3)
HDFS 547. Families and Poverty (3)
PS 575. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
RS 502. Independent Study (1–16)
SNR 520. Social Aspects of Sustainable Natural Resources (3) [Ecampus only]
SOC 526. Social Inequality (4)
SOC 554. Leisure and Culture (4)
SOC 556. Science and Technology in a Social Context (4)
SOC 560. Comparative Societies (4)
SOC 566. International Development: Gender Issues (4)
SOC 575. Rural Sociology (4)
SOC 580. Environmental Sociology (4)
SOC 581. Society and Natural Resources (4)

Total=18 credits

Minor Code: 1080

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