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Earth Information Science and Technology  Minor

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College of Science| Interdisciplinary Program Detail

The undergraduate Earth Information Science and Technology minor is designed to give students a basic understanding of four component fields—geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, and surveying—while allowing advanced study in a particular field. The EIST minor may be attractive to students interested in geosciences, forestry, environmental science, natural resources, bioresource engineering, civil engineering, and other students needing a strong background in these fields. It may also be considered the equivalent of a GIS certificate. Civil engineering students completing the surveying track minor will be prepared to take the Fundamentals of Land Surveying (FLS) examination.

The EIST minor is offered by four participating departments: Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Forest Engineering, Forest Resources, and Geosciences, for their own majors and students from other departments. Courses have been coordinated so that students completing the required core courses will be able to take any of the advanced courses, provided the mathematics and/or physics requirements have each been met. Interested students should contact the appropriate participating department, where an adviser will be assigned.

For more information see or contact Dawn J. Wright, Department of Geosciences, 114 Wilkinson Hall, (541) 737-1229 or e-mail:

Required Courses

CEM 263. Plane Surveying (3)
FE 308. Forest Surveying (4)
   or CE 361. Surveying Theory (4)
GEO 301. Map and Image Interpretation (4)
GEO 360. Cartography (4)
GEO 444. Remote Sensing (3)
GEO 465. Geographic Information Systems and Science (3)
   or FE 357. GIS and Forest Engineering Applications (2)
Minimum mathematics: MTH 112. *Elementary Functions (4) or equivalent high school course, ST 201, ST 202, or ST 351, ST 352, or ST 314. Intro to Statistics for Engineers (3).

Advanced Courses

Four upper-division courses selected from the following:
CE 365. Highway Location and Design (3)
   or FE 310. Forest Route Surveying (4)
CE 461. Photogrammetry (3)
CE 463. Control Surveying (4)
CE 465. Oregon Land Survey Law (3)
CE 466. Photo Interpretation (3)
CE 469. Property Surveys (3)
FE 309. Forest Photogrammetry (4)
FE 311. Advanced Forest Surveying (4)
FOR 420. Advanced Aerial Photos and Remote Sensing (3)
FOR 421. Advanced GIS Applications in Forestry (3)
GEO 441. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Ecology and Earth Science (4)
GEO 445. Computer-Assisted Cartography (3)
GEO 460. Multimedia Cartography (4)
GEO 462. ^Geosciences Field Methods (4)
GEO 466. Digital Image Processing (3)
RNG 450. Landscape Ecology and Analysis (3)

The four advanced courses may be in one of several tracks, with the exact courses to be taken determined in consultation with the student’s faculty adviser. Typical tracks are listed below, but many other combinations are possible.

CE 461, GEO 460, GEO 445, GEO 466, or GEO 462

Remote Sensing
CE 461, FOR 420, FOR 421, GEO 466

Geographic Information Systems
FOR 420 or GEO 466, FOR 421, GEO 441, GEO 445

CE 461, CE 463, CE 465, CE 469

Note: S/U or P/NP grades are not acceptable for EIST program requirements.

Minor Code: 376

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