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Latin American Affairs Certificate (CERT)

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College of Liberal Arts | School of Language, Culture, and Society | Interdisciplinary Program Detail

Juan A. Trujillo, Director
36 Kidder Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-4603

Students earning a Latin American Affairs certificate will have gained a broad knowledge and understanding of the history and current situation in Latin America. The program allows students with majors in any discipline to complement their professional studies; certificates are awarded concurrently with the undergraduate or graduate degree.

Course work is drawn from several departments and schools, primarily in the College of Liberal Arts. Interested students should contact the program director early in their academic careers in order to plan their schedules.

Certificate Curriculum

The course of study consists of a minimum of 30 credits: 9 credits of required core courses, and 21 credits of appropriate electives. In addition, the student must have proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese equivalent to that attained by the end of the third-year language sequence, as certified by the School of Language, Culture, and Society, or by placement scores.

The minimum of 30 credits of approved courses must include:

Core Requirement (9)

HST 350, HST 351. *Modern Latin America (4,4)
SPAN 336. *Latin American Culture (3)

Electives (21)

A minimum of 21 credits of approved Latin American courses outside the major from at least two departments/schools.
ANTH 313. *Peoples of the World-Latin America (3)
   or ANTH 413. World Cultures-Latin America (4)
ES 311. Narratives of Latino Migrations (3)
ES 314. Chicano/a Literature (3)
ES 411. Chicano/as in/on Film (3)
GEO 328. *Geography of Latin America (3)
HST 452. Modern Mexico (4)
HST 456. Problems in Latin American History (4)
PHL 316. Intellectual Issues of Mexico and Mexican Americans (4)
PS 344. *Latin American Politics (4)
SPAN 311. Advanced Spanish Grammar (3)
SPAN 312. Intermediate Writing Skills (3)
SPAN 313. Spanish Language Through Culture (3)
   or SPAN 314, SPAN 315, SPAN 316. Spanish for Native Speakers (3,3,3)
SPAN 337. *Latin American Culture (3)
SPAN 338. *Latin American Culture (3)
SPAN 438. ^Selected Topics in Luso-Hispanic Culture (3)
SPAN 445. Selected Topics in the Literature of Latin America (3)

Appropriate open-ended courses (402, 405, 407) through participating departments/schools, as well as transfer credits, may also be used to satisfy requirements when approved in advance by the program director.


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Major Code: C810

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