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American Studies Undergraduate Major (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS)

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College of Liberal Arts | American Studies | Interdisciplinary Program Detail

Offered only on the OSU-Cascades Campus.

An interdisciplinary major that engages American culture in its historical, contemporary, and global contexts. Examines American culture through a variety of media including film, music, literature, history, politics, and art. Teaching faculty members are from several different disciplines and students approach course objectives from many scholarly vantage points.

Lower Division (20 credits)

Required Courses:

ENG 253. *Survey of American Literature: Colonial to 1900 (4)
ENG 254. *Survey of American Literature: 1900 to Present (4)

Choose 2 below:
HST 201. *History of the United States (4)
HST 202. *History of the United States (4)
HST 203. *History of the United States (4)

Choose 1 AMS Elective from the following list:
ANTH 210. *Comparative Cultures (3)
ANTH 251. *Language in the USA (4)
ENG 260. *Literature of American Minorities (4)
HST 101. *History of Western Civilization (4)
HST 102. *History of Western Civilization (4)
HST 103. *History of Western Civilization (4)
HST 106. *World History III: The Modern and Contemporary World (3)
PS 201. *Introduction to United States Government and Politics (4)
SOC 204. *Introduction to Sociology (3)

Upper Division (33 Credits)

Required Courses:

AMS 311. Topics in American Studies (4) (this course is repeatable with different topics)
AMS 350. *American Culture and the Vietnam Experience (4)
AMS 406. Projects [American Studies Portfolio] (1)
ART/ENG 386. American Art and Literature: Part 1 (4)
ART/ENG 387. American Art and Literature: Part 2 (4)
ART/ENG 388. American Art and Literature (4)

AMS Upper-Division Electives:

Select 12 credits from the following list:
ANTH 311. *Peoples of the World-North America (3)
ANTH 350. Language, Culture and Society (4)
ANTH 352. *Anthropology, Health, and Environment (3)
ART 462. Directions and issues in Contemporary Art (3)
COMM 326. Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM 412. Topics in Speech Communication (3)
COMM 416. Ethnography of Communication (3)
COMM 427. Cultural Codes of Communication (3)
ENG 317. *The American Novel: Beginnings to Chopin (4)
ENG 318. *The American Novel: Modernist Period (4)
ENG 319. *The American Novel: Post-World War II (4)
ENG 360. *Native American Literature (4)
ENG 362. *American Women Writers (4)
ENG 470. ^Studies in Poetry (4)
ENG 482. Studies in American Literature, Culture, and Environment (4)
ENG 485. ^Studies in American Literature (4)
PS 363. *Gender and Race in American Political Thought (4)
PS 370. *Science, Religion, and Politics (4)
PS 375. *The Civil Rights Movement and Policies (4)
PS 475. Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
SOC 381. Social Dimensions of Sustainability (4)
SOC 426. *Social Inequality (4)
SOC 430. Gender and Society (4)
SOC 475. Rural Sociology (4)
SOC 480. *Environmental Sociology (4)


AMS 406. Projects (1)
American Studies Final Portfolio (Must be submitted during the student's final term)

  1. Pick three essays you wrote during the course of your program in American Studies that you feel are representative of your most meaningful work. These may be your best essays, but they may be essays in which you struggled with difficult material in an attempt to better understand it. In other words, which essays are most meaningful to you in your experience earning an American Studies degree at OSU Casacades?
  2. Incorporating at least one of the American Studies Outcomes, write a three-page cover letter explaining why you chose these essays and how they reflect what you have learned and experienced in the process of earning your degree in American Studies at OSU-Cascades.

* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Major Code: 865

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