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Applied Anthropology Graduate Major (MA, MS, PhD, MAIS)

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College of Liberal Arts | School of Language, Culture, and Society

The MA, MS, and PhD degrees in Applied Anthropology provide advanced education in anthropology that will prepare students to practice their skills in occupations in both public and private sectors at the local, national, and international levels. These courses of study integrate anthropological theory and practice within a specific concentration chosen by the student.

MA, MS Program Requirements (64 credits)

1) Core Requirements (12 credits)

ANTH 575. Theory of Culture (4)
ANTH 593. Statistical Applications in Anthropology (4)*
ANTH 595. Anthropological Research Design (4)

*Or equivalent course, e.g., H 524. Introduction to Biostatistics (4) or FES 523. Quantitative Anaysis in Social Science (4)

2) Major Specialization (12 credits)

Take courses in one of the following options:

a) Archaeology:
ANTH 531. Archaeological Theory (4)
ANTH 535. Cultural Resources: Policy and Procedures (4)
ANTH 543. Human Osteology (4)

b) Biocultural Anthropology:
ANTH 583. Advanced Medical Anthropology (4)
ANTH 585. Uses of Anthropology (4)
ANTH 591. Ethnographic Methods (4)

c) Cultural/Linguistic Anthropology:
ANTH 576. Advanced Anthropological Theory Seminar (4)
ANTH 585. Uses of Anthropology (4)
ANTH 591. Ethnographic Methods (4)

3) Supporting Courses in Anthropology (12 credits)

Any combination of 500-level courses as approved your advisor/committee

4) Outside Skills/Minor (15 credits)

Any combination of 500-level courses in another discipline that facilitate student's mastery of knowledge and skills needed to carry out original research as approved by advisor/committee

5) Internship (6–12 credits)

6) Thesis (6–12 credits)

7) Seminar, "Tan Sack" (1 credit)

ANTH 507. Seminar (1)

8) Degree Type Proficiencies

For the Master of Arts degree, the student must show second proficiency (including American Sign Language) equivalent to that attained at the end of a second-year university course in that language with a grade of "C" (2.00) or better. Students who have successfully completed at least two years of high school in a language other than English will have fulfilled this requirement.

The Master of Science degree is an option for students specializing in archaeology and biocultural anthropology, where appropriate, pending approval of the major professor. The student must show technical proficiency in areas that emphasize scientific methodological skills (e.g., GIS, statistics, and epidemiology). The MS student is encouraged to undertake the 15 credits of proficiency as part of their outside skills/minor requirements. This will be in lieu of the language proficiency required for MA. The courses for the MS degree must be completed and approved by the student's Committee before the student takes the final oral examination for the degree. Students specializing in cultural/linguistic anthropology are not eligible for the MS.

MAIS Degree

The school also participates in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) degree program. In other advanced degree programs, anthropology may be used as a minor. See the Graduate School for details.

PhD Requirements (110 credits)

1) Students must have MA or MS in Anthropology or related discipline (34 credits)

Students must bring in graduate credits to cover the equivalent of the courses central to the MA/MS in Applied Anthropology at Oregon State University (20 credits, see below) plus 14 credits of graduate level Anthropology courses or graduate courses in relevant disciplines as agreed upon by the major professor. If these requirements are not met upon entrance to the program, they must be earned after admittance. Students will work with their major professors in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies to assess what can be accepted from past work and what must be made up at OSU.

Central Courses of the MA/MS in Applied Anthropology

Two courses in Anthropological Theory (8 credits)
Statistics (4 credits)
Methods (such as Ethnographic Methods or Osteology or Archaeological Methods, etc.) (4 credits)
Course in Applied Anthropology or Uses of Anthropology (4 credits)

2) Specialization Courses (25 credits)

Specialization courses are those that enable students to develop their knowledge in order to do effective comprehensive exams and dissertation work in their particular field of expertise. Students work with their major professor and their Committee to determine what courses will be most helpful for them.

Specializations courses must include ANTH 695. Anthropological Research Design (4) for developing their dissertation research project, two courses in Anthropology, and 2 credits of "Tan Sack" (ANTH 607. Seminar). All other specialization courses may be within or outside of Anthropology.

3) Second Language Proficiency

Evidenced by passing two years of university-level second language study or by passing the proficiency exam. Must be completed before Comprehensive Exams are taken. A substitution of skill sets is possible for archaeology students in consultation with the major professor and the Director of Graduate Studies.

4) Graduate Minor is optional

5) Residency (6 credits)

ANTH 610. Internship

6) Comprehensive Exams (9 credits)

ANTH 699. Special Topics: Comprehensive Review

7) Dissertation (36 credits)

ANTH 603. Thesis

Major Code: 8640

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