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Botany Undergraduate Major (BS, CRED, HBS)

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College of Agricultural Sciences | Botany and Plant Pathology


Botanical Research
Fungal Biology
Plant Ecology and Systematics
Plant Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

The required curriculum meets the course requirements of the university and the College of Agricultural Sciences and provides an opportunity for specialized study in one or more principal areas of plant science. The undergraduate major, in regular consultation with a faculty advisor, prepares an academic program that meets university requirements, provides adequate scientific background, and fulfills individual goals and interests.

Required courses are listed below according to a suggested schedule. The order in which particular courses are taken may vary in individual cases.

All Botany undergraduate students are required to complete a focus area and its corresponding course work as part of the Botany undergraduate major. A student may choose more than one focus area; course work for focus areas should commence by the junior year. Course work delivered in these areas provides students with advanced knowledge and skills related to the study of plants and plant-like organisms in natural and managed ecosystems and in the laboratory.

Freshman Year

BI 211, BI 212, BI 213. *Principles of Biology (4,4,4)
CH 121. General Chemistry (5) and CH 122, CH 123. *General Chemistry (5,5)
   or CH 231, CH 232, CH 233. *General Chemistry (4,4,4) and CH 261, CH 262, CH 263. *Laboratory for Chemistry 231, 232, 233 (1,1,1)
WR 121. *English Composition (3)
Approved Speech (COMM) course (3)
Perspective courses (6)

Select 8 credits of Mathematics from the list below:
MTH 111. *College Algebra (4)
MTH 112. *Elementary Functions (4)
MTH 231. Elements of Discrete Mathematics (4)
MTH 241. *Calculus for Management and Social Science (4)
MTH 245. *Mathematics for Management, Life, and Social Sciences (4)
MTH 251. *Differential Calculus (4)
MTH 252. Integral Calculus (4)

Sophomore Year

BB 314/BI 314. Cell and Molecular Biology (4) [BI 314 terminated summer 2017]
BOT 220. Introduction to Plant Biology (4)
BOT 321. Plant Systematics (4)
CH 331, CH 332. Organic Chemistry (4,4)
HHS 231. *Lifetime Fitness for Health (2)
HHS 241. *Lifetime Fitness (1) or any PAC course (1–2)
Additional approved writing (WR II) course (3)
Perspectives courses (6)
Additional electives (9–10)

Junior Year

BB 350. Elementary Biochemistry (4)
   or BB 450. General Biochemistry (4) and BB 451. General Biochemistry (3)
BI 311. Genetics (4)
   or PBG 430. Plant Genetics (3) and PBG 431. Plant Genetics Recitation (1)
BOT 313. Plant Structure (4)
BOT 341. Plant Ecology (4)
ST 351. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)
Perspectives courses (6)
Synthesis courses (6)
Additional electives including botany area of concentration credits (10–13)

Senior Year

BOT 331. Plant Physiology (4)
BOT 332. Laboratory Techniques in Plant Biology (3)

Select one Non-Vascular Plant Course:
BOT 461. Mycology (4)
BOT 465. Lichenology (4)
BOT 466. Bryology (4)

Additional Quantitative Skills Courses (select a minimum of two courses):
CS 161. Introduction to Computer Science I (4)
CS 162. Introduction to Computer Science II (4)
PH 201. *General Physics (5)
PH 265. Scientific Computing (3)
ST 352. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)
ST 411. Methods of Data Analysis (4)
Others by approval of advisor.

Select one Writing Intensive Course from below:
BB/BI 317. ^Scientific Theory and Practice (3)
BI 371. ^Ecological Methods (3)
BOT 323. ^Flowering Plants of the World (3)
HSTS 415. *^Theory of Evolution and Foundation of Modern Biology (4)
HSTS 419. *^Studies in Scientific Controversy: Methods and Practices (4)
HSTS 425. *^History of the Life Sciences (4)
MB 311. ^Molecular Microbiology Lab: A Writing Intensive Course (3)

Additional upper-division biological science courses other than BOT courses (4)
Perspectives courses (6)
Additional electives (11–14)

Botany Focus Area Requirements

Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (13)

BI 445. Evolution (3)
BOT 442. Plant Population Ecology (3)
BOT 488. Environmental Physiology of Plants (3)
FW 320. Introductory Population Dynamics (4)

Molecular, Cellular, and Genomic (13)

BI 445. Evolution (3)
BB 451. General Biochemistry (3)
BB 494. Biochemistry Laboratory Molecular Techniques 2 (3)
   or BOT 480. Photosynthesis and Photobiology (3)
BOT 475. Comparative Genomics (4)

Plant Pathology (13)

BOT 350. Introductory Plant Pathology (4)
ENT 311. Introduction to Insect Pest Management (3)
MB 302. General Microbiology (3)
MB 303. General Microbiology Laboratory (2)



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Major Code: 515

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