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Apparel Design Undergraduate Major (BS, CRED, HBS)

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College of Business | School of Design and Human Environment

We are excited to announce that the curricular redesign of our apparel design degree program is complete. With an emphasis on outdoor and performance wear, graduates are well poised to enter the apparel industry that dominates the pacific northwest. Students interested in apparel design should visit URL to view the degree requirements. Please note that we have proposed to rename the “Interior Design” major as the “Design and Innovation” major (per proposal 100333). Apparel Design is an option within this major. Until the name change is complete, please select pre-interior design as your major when applying to OSU.

The Apparel Design program prepares students to work in the diverse field of design. Apparel design and product development professionals design sportswear, suits, dresses, coats, accessories, and just about everything else that people wear. Designers research color and style trends to create concepts and sketches for fashions one to two years in advance of the market. Some create new garment styles while others adapt styles from a previous season.

The Apparel Design major is a professional program (major code 400). Entering students are designated as Pre-Apparel Design majors (major code 453). After completing at least 40 credits, students apply for acceptance into the professional program. Students will not be permitted to take Apparel Design professional course work without acceptance into the professional program. To be considered for admission into the Professional Apparel Design program, all Pre-Apparel Design students must meet the following requirements:

Baccalaureate Core

Courses may include BCC courses in the pre-professional core, professional core, and support courses.

Pre-Apparel Design Core

COMM 111. *Public Speaking (3)
   or COMM 114. *Argument and Critical Discourse (3)
   or COMM 218. *Interpersonal Communication (3)
DHE 160. Design Perspectives (4)
DHE 161. Design Explorations (4)
DHE 170. Introduction to the Textile and Apparel Industry (4)
MTH 111. *College Algebra (4)
WR 121. *English Composition (3)
Two terms of Baccalaureate Core Science

Apparel Design Professional Core

DHE 221. Computer Aided Apparel Design 1 (3)
DHE 227. Apparel Design and Production 1 (4)
DHE 233. History of Contemporary Fashion (4)
DHE 255. Textiles (4) [Terminated summer 2017]
DHE 262. Human-Centered Research in Design and Merchandising (4)
DHE 263. Human-Centered Design Theories and Strategies (4)
DHE 300. Field Experience Orientation and Development (Section 1: Apparel Design) (1,1)
   and DHE 310. Field Experience (Sect 3, Apparel Design) (12)
   or +select 14 credits from other 300/400-level ANTH, ART, BA, COMM, DHE, PSY, or SOC courses.
DHE 321. Illustration, Portfolio, and Design Development (3)
DHE 327. Apparel Design and Production 2 (4)
DHE 328. Computer-Aided Pattern Development (3)
DHE 330. ^Fashion Forecasting and Market Analysis (4)
DHE 334. Fashion History and Society (4)
DHE 355. Textile Performance and Evaluation (4)
DHE 360. Collaborative Studio (4)
DHE 427. Draping (4)
DHE 428. Apparel Production Processes (4)
DHE 429. Advanced Apparel Design (4)
DHE 437. Consumer Behavior and Culture (4)
DHE 475. *Global Sourcing of Textiles, Apparel, and Footwear (4)

Support Courses

AG 111. Information Technology in Agriculture (3)
   or CS 101. Computers: Applications and Implications (4)
BA 215. Fundamentals of Accounting (4)
BA 260. Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4)
BA 390. Marketing (4)
ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)
ENGR 350. *Sustainable Engineering (3)
WR 222. *English Composition (3)
   or WR 323. *English Composition (3)



* Course fulfills baccalaureate core requirement
+ Courses cannot be counted twice to fulfill requirements of the major
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Pre-Apparel Design major code 453

Major Code: 400

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