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Forest Engineering Undergraduate Major (BS, CRED, HBS)

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College of Forestry | Forest Engineering, Resources and Management

The BS degree in Forest Engineering is offered through a four-year resident curriculum, a four-year and two-term Cooperative Education program, and as part of a five-year double degree program from which graduates receive two bachelor of science degrees, one in forest engineering and one in civil engineering. The BS degree in Forest Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, The BS degree in Forest Engineering is also accredited by the Society of American Foresters. The double degree program is offered in cooperation with the School of Civil and Construction Engineering. Curricula for the double degree program is listed under a separate heading. Both programs begin with basic science and mathematics, progress on through engineering science and forest science, to arrive at professional-level courses in forest engineering that include surveying, soil and water resources, timber harvesting, operations analysis, road design, and planning. Graduates are eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination.

In addition to the listed courses, all students are required to complete a total of six months of satisfactory employment in an area related to their major. This is usually accomplished by two or more summers of work, but it may include work during the academic year. An optional Cooperative Education program that includes two 6-month internships is available. Students in the Cooperative Education Program satisfy the six months satisfactory employment requirement by virtue of one internship. Work performance and personal conduct are thoroughly appraised by the College of Forestry.

Pre-Professional Forest Engineering Program

Admission to the pre-professional program requires that students be admitted as a degree-seeking undergraduate or post-baccalaureate level student at Oregon State University. Courses included in the first and sophomore years comprise a pre-professional program of study that produces a solid foundation for professional program studies at the junior, senior, and advanced degree levels. The pre-professional program may be taken at Oregon State University or at any accredited college or university that offers equivalent courses transferable to OSU in conjunction with foundation forestry available via OSU Ecampus.

Professional Forest Engineering Program

Students must be admitted to the professional Forest Engineering program following completion of the pre-professional forest engineering course work in order to progress to the junior year in forest engineering. Students in the double degree program also must be admitted to the College of Engineering professional program following completion of the pre-engineering course work.

Enrollment in professional program courses is restricted to those students who have clearly demonstrated an ability to achieve the standards required for professional studies. The number of students admitted to the program is based on available resources. Students meeting the minimum pre-forest engineering GPA of 2.25 may or may not be admitted depending on available resources.

Admission to the professional program will be granted for students meeting the admission requirements prior to fall term of the junior year. Application for the professional program will be made as of the end of winter term for the following fall term. For admission, students must earn:

  1. a grade of "C" or better in all pre-professional courses listed below. Grade repeat (replacement) policy will follow OSU Academic Regulation #20.
  2. a minimum GPA of 2.25 based on the pre-professional courses (or transfer equivalents) satisfactorily completed.

Students who have completed their pre-professional studies at a college or university other than Oregon State University must apply both to the OSU Office of Admissions for admission to OSU as a degree-seeking undergraduate or post-baccalaureate level student and to the College of Forestry for admission to the professional program. Application forms for the Forest Engineering professional program and information on policies and programs are available from the College of Forestry.

Students who have not satisfactorily completed all of the pre-professional courses when they apply may be provisionally accepted. Final acceptance is contingent on completion of any remaining pre-professional course work with grade of "C" or better by the end of the summer term prior to entrance into the professional program. Students who receive provisional acceptance and then fail to attain a grade of "C" or better in remaining pre-professional course work prior to the beginning of fall term will be re-directed to the pre-professional forest engineering program.

All required courses for admission to the professional program must be completed before entering the professional program. Students may only enter the professional program in the fall term each academic year.

The professional program begins with Forestry Field School prior to fall term of the professional program.

Pre-Professional Forest Engineering Program (Major code 825)

Grade standards for the pre-professional program as listed in the program description apply.

First Year (46–47 credits)

CH 201. Chemistry for Engineering Majors (3)E
COMM 111. *Public Speaking (3)1E
   or COMM 114. *Argument and Critical Discourse (3)1E
ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)1E
FE 101. Introduction to Forest Engineering (2)E
FE 102. Forest Engineering Problem Solving and Technology (3)E
FOR 111. Introduction to Forestry (3)E
FES 240. *Forest Biology (4)1E
HHS 231. *Lifetime Fitness for Health (2)1
HHS 241. *Lifetime Fitness (1)1
   or any PAC course (1–2)
MTH 251. *Differential Calculus (4)1E
MTH 252. Integral Calculus (4)E
MTH 254. Vector Calculus I (4)E
PH 211. *General Physics with Calculus (4)1E
WR 121. *English Composition (3)1E
Free Electives (2)

Sophomore Year (48–49 credits)

CCE 201. Civil and Construction Engineering Graphics and Design (3)E
ENGR 211. Statics (3)E
ENGR 212. Dynamics (3)E
ENGR 213. Strength of Materials (3)E
FE 208. Forest Surveying (4)E
FE 209. Forest Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (4)E
FE 257. GIS and Forest Engineering Applications (3)E
FES 241. Dendrology (3)E
MTH 256. Applied Differential Equations (4)E
PH 212. *General Physics with Calculus (4)E
SOIL 205. *Soil Science (3)1E
   and FOR 206. *Forest Soils Laboratory for SOIL 205 (1)1E
       or SOIL 206. *Soil Science Laboratory for SOIL 205 (1) and FOR 208. Forest Soils Recitation (1)
ST 201. Principles of Statistics (4)E
WR 327. *Technical Writing (3)1E
Bacc Core Course (3)

Professional Forest Engineering Program (Major code 380)

Grade standards for the professional program as listed in the program description apply.

All students pursuing the BS in Forest Engineering;

  1. must earn grades of “C” or better in all required professional forestry courses (with FE, FES, FOR course designators) or crosslisted course designators, or approved substitutions for majors and options, and;
  2. must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all major course work, defined as courses listed by prefix (e.g., FE, FES, FOR, SOIL) and number, and crosslisted course designators, and courses used for substitution of required courses.

Junior Year (50 credits)

FE/FOR 307. Junior Seminar (1)
FE 310. Forest Route Surveying (4)
FE/FOR 312. Forestry Field School (2)
FE 315. Soil Engineering (4)
FE 316. Soil Mechanics (4)
FE 330. Forest Engineering Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics (3)
FE 371. Harvesting Process Engineering (4)
FE 434. Forest Watershed Management (4)
FE 440. Forest Operations Analysis (4)
FE 470. Logging Mechanics (4)
FE 471. Harvesting Management (3)
FOR 321. Forest Mensuration (5)
FOR 330. Forest Resource Economics I (4)
FOR 331. Forest Resource Economics II (4)

Senior Year (48 credits)

FE 415. Forest Road Engineering (3)
FE 416. Forest Road System Management (4)
FE/FOR 456. *International Forestry (3)1
FE/FOR 457. Techniques for Forest Resource Analysis (4)
FE/FOR 459. Forest Management Planning and Design I (4)
FE 460. ^Forest Operations Regulations and Policy Issues (3)
FE/FOR 469. Forest Management Planning and Design II (4)
FE 480. Forest Engineering Practice and Professionalism (1)
FOR 441. Silviculture Principles (4)
GEOG 300. *Sustainability for the Common Good (3)1
   or FW 350. *Endangered Species, Society and Sustainability (3)1
Bacc Core Courses (9)
Free Electives (6) [Cooperative Education students will be required to complete 4 credits of FE 411, Cooperative Education Mentored Work Experience (1), as a part of their Coop Education; these can be in place of free electives.

Total=192 credits


E Required for entry into the professional program
* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)
1 Must be selected to satisfy baccalaureate core requirements.


Pre-Forest Engineering Major Code: 825

Major Code: 380

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