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Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Major (BS, CRED, HBS)

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College of Engineering | School of Nuclear Science and Engineering

The objectives of the nuclear engineering and radiation health physics undergraduate curricula are to prepare students for careers related to the many beneficial uses of nuclear technology and energy. Nuclear engineers apply scientific principles to the research, design, and operation of a wide variety of nuclear technology applications including power generation, medicine, and radioactive waste management. Radiation health physicists study methods used to protect people and their environment from radiation hazards while enabling the beneficial uses of radiation and radioactive materials. In addition, an emphasis is provided in nuclear instrumentation, nuclear systems and materials, radiation protection, reactor analysis and nuclear power economics and, particularly, safety and regulation in nuclear operations.

Pre-Nuclear Engineering (major code 357)

Freshman Year (44)

CH 201. Chemistry for Engineering Majors (3)E
CH 202. Chemistry for Engineering Majors (3)
COMM 111. *Public Speaking (3)E
   or COMM 114. *Argument and Critical Discourse (3)E
HHS 231. *Lifetime Fitness for Health (2)
HHS 241. *Lifetime Fitness (1) or any PAC course (1–2)
MTH 251. *Differential Calculus (4)E
MTH 252. Integral Calculus (4)E
MTH 254. Vector Calculus I (4)E
NSE 114. Intro to Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics I (3)
NSE 115. Intro to Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics II (3)E
PH 211. *General Physics with Calculus (4)E
PHL 205. *Ethics (4)
WR 121. *English Composition (3)E
*Perspectives Courses (3)1

Sophomore Year (44)

ENGR 201. Electrical Fundamentals I (3)
ENGR 211. Statics (3)E
ENGR 212. Dynamics (3)E
ENGR 213. Strength of Materials (3)
MTH 256. Applied Differential Equations (4)E
MTH 306. Matrix and Power Series Methods (4)E
NSE 233. Mathematical Method for NSE (3)
NSE 234. Nuclear and Radiation Physics I (3)
NSE 235. Nuclear and Radiation Physics II (3)
NSE 236. Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation (4)
PH 212, PH 213. *General Physics with Calculus (4,4)E
*Perspectives Courses (3)1

Professional Nuclear Engineering (major code 327)

Junior Year (48)

Biological Science Elective (4)1
ENGR 248. Engineering Graphics and 3-D Modeling (3)
ENGR/MATS 321. Introduction to Material Science (4)
ENGR 390. Engineering Economy (3)
NSE/ME 311. Introduction to Thermal-Fluid Science (4)
NSE/ME 312. Thermodynamics (4)
NSE/ME 331. Introductory Fluid Mechanics (4)
NSE/ME 332. Heat Transfer (4)
NSE 451, NSE 452. Neutronic Analysis I, II (3,3)
WR 327. *Technical Writing (3)1
*Perspectives Course (6)1
*Synthesis Course (3)

Senior Year (44)

NSE 407. Seminar (3 terms) (1,1,1)
NSE ;415. Nuclear Rules and Regulations (2)
NSE 435. Radiation Shielding and External Dosimetry (4)
NSE 457. Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (2)
NSE 467. Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (4)
NSE 473. Nuclear Reactor Systems Analysis (3)
NSE 474. ^Nuclear Systems Design I (4)
NSE 475. ^Nuclear Systems Design II (4)
NSE 481. Radiation Protection (4)
Restricted Elective (8)2
*Synthesis Course (3)1
Free Elective (3)1

Total =180


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)
E Required for entry into the professional program.
1 Must be selected to satisfy baccalaureate core requirements.
2 Approved technical electives from departmental list.

Pre-Nuclear Engineering Major Code: 357

Major Code: 327

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