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Business Administration Undergraduate Major (BA, BS, CRED, HBA, HBS) Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

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College of Business


Entrepreneurship for Business Majors
General Business  eCampus
Hospitality Management
International Business
Merchandising Management
Supply Chain and Logistics Management  eCampus

Also available via Ecampus.

Business Administration major requirements are divided into two parts. The first part (the pre-business major), usually taken in the first two years, must be completed before formal admission into the major. The second part (Professional School) is usually taken in the last two years after formal admission into the Business Administration major.

Summary of Requirements:
Pre-Business Major (52–57)
    Pre-Business Core Classes (34–39)
    Math, Economics, Writing and Communications (18)*
Professional School (36)
University General Education Requirements (40)
Unrestricted Electives (47–52)
    Option Courses (24)**

*10 credits from pre-business major satisfy University General Education Requirements.
** Options are available to provide specializations

Total Required for Graduation (180)

Business Administration Curriculum

The undergraduate curriculum in business administration reflects the increasingly complex economic, social, and technological aspects of modern business decision-making. Course work emphasizes the development of effective decision-making, an understanding of personal values and motivation, and the awareness of the interrelationships between business and society.

Pre-Business Program

Newly admitted students to OSU and all current OSU students who seek to complete an undergraduate degree program offered by the College of Business (COB) are designated as pre-business majors. The pre-business program requires completion of courses within the first and second year (see core curriculum below) that build a solid foundation for the upper-division business curricula. These courses must be completed before the student is eligible for admission to the professional business program. The pre-business course work may be completed at OSU or any accredited college or university that offers equivalent courses transferable to OSU.

Professional Business Program

Admission to the professional business program is restricted to those students who have demonstrated an ability to achieve the high standards required for professional studies. Enrollment within each academic discipline (major or option) is limited to the number of students who can be served by the faculty and facilities of that major/option.

Therefore students should strive to meet the minimum eligibility standards of their particular major of choice as well as those of the College of Business itself. Minimum standards for a particular major can often be higher. More information on the pro-school process and current competitive GPA levels for each major can be found on the Pro-School Competitive GPA section of the College of Business Advising website.

Students must apply for admission to the professional business program. To be eligible to apply, students must earn COB grades of C– or better, have 90 credits by the end of the application term, have a minimum COB GPA of 2.5, and meet the minimum standards for their particular major of choice in the All-Inclusive Business GPA. The All-Inclusive Business GPA includes all business program course work taken from OSU and transfer institution(s). Students earning an All-Inclusive Business GPA of 3.0 or above will be assured admission to the professional business program, but it does not guarantee admittance into the major of their choice. Students with an All-Inclusive Business GPA less than 3.0 will be admitted to an academic discipline (major or option) with available capacity using the following criteria: compliance with entrance requirements for the major/option; their rank order based on their All-Inclusive Business GPA; and the contribution of the student to the diversity of viewpoints within the college.

Students who have completed their pre-business courses at a college or university other than OSU must be admitted to pre-business their first term and apply for the professional program during their first term of attendance.

Business Administration Program Requirements (180)

Business Administration Core Curriculum (70–75)

The business administration core curriculum provides students with a broad overview of business; basic skills in accounting and quantitative methods; an understanding of the legal and social environment of business; a background in management and organizational behavior, marketing, finance, and operations management; an understanding of the entrepreneurial process; and the opportunity to integrate course work and further develop decision-making skills through the analysis of business cases.

Mathematics (4)

Basic mathematics requirements:
MTH 241. *Calculus for Management and Social Science (4)

Economics (8)

ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)
ECON 202. *Introduction to Macroeconomics (4)

Written and Oral Communication (6)

Business students also must take:
COMM 111. *Public Speaking (3)
   or COMM 114. *Argument and Critical Discourse (3)
   or COMM 218. *Interpersonal Communications (3)
WR 222. *English Composition (3)
   or WR 323. *English Composition (3)
   or WR 327. *Technical Writing (3)

University General Requirements (40)

MTH 241; ECON 201/ECON 202; WR 222, WR 323 or WR 327; and COMM 111, COMM 114 or COMM 218 meet the University's Baccalaureate Core requirements for mathematics, social processes and institutions, writing II, and speech, respectively. All students must meet the other baccalaureate core requirements and the other requirements for baccalaureate degrees. (See Earning a Degree at OSU.)

Unrestricted Electives (47–52)

Students are provided elective credits to enable them to achieve a degree of specialization and depth to match their interests.

Minor (27)

Students are encouraged to choose a non-business university-approved minor that consists of a minimum of 27 credits, with at least 12 credits at the upper-division level. Students are responsible for determining whether the minor has been approved for transcript visibility and to request the notation on their transcript. Students may also choose to complete a coherent set of non-business courses to support their career goals.

Option (24)

Options are designed to allow students to extend their professional preparation beyond the introductory level in one or more areas. There are five options available to the Business Administration major:

  1. Entrepreneurship for Business Majors
  2. General Business (Available at OSU Cascades campus and Ecampus)
  3. Hospitality Management (OSU Cascades campus only)
  4. International Business (requires participation in study abroad program)
  5. Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Ecampus only)

Some options need to be started in the third year, while others can be completed all during the fourth year. See an academic advisor for more information.

Pre-Business (Major code 180)

First Year (45 credits)

Students entering OSU on the Corvallis campus as their first college experience are required to participate in Innovation Nation, the College of Business Living-Learning Community (LLC). These students will complete the following three-course sequence during their first year:

BA 160. B-Engaged (3)
BA 161. Innovation Nation—Awareness to Action (3)
BA 162. Innovation Nation—Ideas to Reality (3)

Students who transfer to the Corvallis campus from another college or university, and current OSU Corvallis-campus students who are changing their major to pre-business, will complete the following courses:

BA 101. Business Now (6)
BA 280. Business Insights (2)

All other students, including students completing their degree at OSU-Cascades or via OSU Extend Campus, will complete the following course:

BA 101. Business Now (6)

All students should also complete:

COMM 111. *Public Speaking (3)
    or COMM 114. *Argument and Critical Discourse (3)
    or COMM 218. *Interpersonal Communications (3)
MTH 241. *Calculus for Management and Social Science (4)
Baccalaureate core, unrestricted electives (29–32)

Second Year (45 credits)

Corvallis-campus students in the pre-business major should complete the following courses:

BA 281. Professional Development (3)
BA 282. Personal, Professional and Leadership Development I (1)
BA 283. Personal, Professional and Leadership Development II (1) 
BA 284. Personal, Professional and Leadership Development III (1) 

All Extended Campus students, and all Corvallis-campus students transferring into the College and eligible to apply to the professional school should complete:

BA 381. Personal and Professional Development (4)  

All other students, including students competing their degree at OSU-Cascades, will complete:

BA 253. Professional Development (4)
BA 353. Professional Development (4)

All second-year students should also complete:

BA 211. Financial Accounting (4)
BA 213. Managerial Accounting (4)
BA 230. Business Law I (4)
BA 260. Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4)
BA 275. Foundations of Statistical Inference (4)
BA 302. Business Process Management (4) 
ECON 201. *Introduction to Microeconomics (4)
ECON 202. *Introduction to Macroeconomics (4)
WR 222. *English Composition (3)
    or WR 323. *English Composition (3)
    or WR 327. *Technical Writing (3)
Baccalaureate core, minor courses, or unrestricted electives (4-6)

Professional Business Administration Major (Major code 181)

Business Core Courses (36 credits)

BA 347. International Business (4)
BA 352. Managing Individual and Team Performance (4)
BA 354. ^Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (4)
BA 357. Operations Management (4)
BA 360. Introduction to Financial Management (4)
    or FIN 340. Finance (4)
BA 370. Business Information Systems Overview (4)
    or ACTG 378. Accounting Information Management (4)
BA 375. Applied Quantitative Methods (4)
BA 390. Marketing (4)
BA 466. Integrative Strategic Experience (4)

Baccalaureate core, minor, option or unrestricted electives (54 credits)


* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Pre-Business major code 180

Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed - Signifies that the Major/Option can be completed thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

Major Code: 181

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