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Geographic Information Science Certificate (CERT)

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College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Kuuipo Walsh, Director
GIScience Certificate Program
134 Wilkinson Hall
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
FAX 541-737-1200

Oregon State University offers an undergraduate and graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science. Geographic information science (GIScience) includes the existing technologies and research areas of geographic information systems (GIS), cartography, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and surveying (also termed geomatics in the U.S.). GIScience therefore addresses fundamental issues surrounding the use of digital technology to handle geographic information; namely, information about places, activities, and phenomena on and near the surface of the Earth that are stored in maps or images. GIScience includes questions of data structures, analysis, accuracy, meaning, cognition, visualization, and many more, and thus overlaps with the domains of many traditional disciplines (e.g., Earth science, mathematics, computer science, physics, cognitive science, and ethics). However, GIScience is not central to any of these, representing instead a new kind of scientific collaboration that is defined by researchers from many distinct backgrounds working together on particular sets of interrelated problems. The use of GIScience technologies (including, but definitely not limited to GIS) has become pervasive throughout the scientific community, natural resource management, government, industry, and business. Even small advancements in geographic information science are having broad effects in improving day-to-day tasks throughout all sectors of society.

Background Courses

MTH 112. Elementary Functions (4)
  or Equivalent high school or university course
ST 201, ST 202. Principles of Statistics (4,4)
  or ST 351, ST 352. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4,4)
  or ST 314. Introduction to Statistics for Engineers (3)
  or ECE 353. Introduction to Probability and Random Signals (3)

Required Core (1920 credits)

FE 208. Forest Surveying (4)
GEO 301. Map and Image Interpretation (4)
GEO 360. Cartography (4)
GEO 365. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (4)
  or FE 257. GIS and Forest Engineering Applications (3)
  or CE 202. Civil Engineering: Geospatial Information and GIS (3)
GEO 444. Remote Sensing (4)

Electives (78)

Elective courses may be in one of four tracks: cartography, GIS, remote sensing, geomatics. See advisor.

CE 413. GIS in Water Resources (3)
CSS/SOIL 468. Soil Landscape Analysis (4)
ECE 468. Digital Image Processing (3)
FE 209. Forest Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (4)
FE 310. Forest Route Surveying (4)
FE 422. Forest Geomatics (4)
FOR 421. Spatial Analysis of Forested Landscapes (3)
FW 303. Survey of Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resources (3)
GEO 410. Internship (1–5)
GEO 445. Computer-Assisted Cartography (3)
GEO 460. Multimedia Cartography (4)
GEO 465. Geographic Information Systems and Science (4)
GEO 466. Digital Image Processing (3)
HORT 414. Information Systems in Agriculture (4)

Major Code: C540

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