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Business Administration Graduate Major (MBA, PhD) Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

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College of Business


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Graduate Areas of Concentration

Clean technology

The MBA program represents a broad, yet responsive, general management curriculum with an entrepreneurial focus that crosses the functional disciplines of business and is enhanced by advanced management and contemporary topics course work. The MBA program is open to both business and nonbusiness undergraduates. Its advanced management emphasis creates practical value-added content for all students.

The MBA program is intended to provide the broad knowledge and skills necessary to become competent and responsible managers. As a result of completing the OSU MBA program, you will be able to create, build and manage innovative, socially responsible, and sustainable enterprises in a global business environment. The OSU MBA program will also give you an understanding of how sustainable business meets economic, social and environmental needs without compromising the future of any of them. Sustainability is woven into our curriculum—so that when you leave, you’ll be able to be smart, daring and make a positive impact on your world.

Persons interested in the MBA Program should write: Graduate Business Programs, College of Business, Bexell 209, OSU, Corvallis, OR 97331-2603, or email:

The MBA is an accelerated management program with an experiential component and an emphasis on innovation, sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship. The program is designed to provide our graduates with the necessary skills to solve complex business problems and to successfully compete in the business marketplace. Foundation courses include such fundamentals as business law, accounting, finance, operations, management, and marketing. Advanced courses explore contemporary business topics in depth, with an emphasis on sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in the global economy. Course work is completed in tandem with the experiential component of the program, the Integrated Business Project (IBP).

With the IBP, student teams are tasked with creating fact-based, research-driven business plans for the companies of their choice. Whether developing an entrepreneurial venture from scratch or providing an established business with new direction and growth potential, students become active in their own education. As the cornerstone of the College of Business MBA, the IBP program has a lasting impact, not only on students, but on commerce and industry in Oregon.

The MBA program is an intensive, fast-paced program designed to guide students through a rigorous foundation and core curriculum, while allowing them to pursue their interests and push their boundaries. Throughout, students learn to build teams, integrate disciplines, work under pressure and multitask. In short, the same skills they will rely on when they leave campus.


New graduate option #2059:

The MBA Business Analytics option supports a rapidly-growing interest from organizations that need people who can integrate data sets and tools to address opportunities and risks. The information value of both in-house and third-party data sets can now be leveraged using powerful emerging technologies. Increasingly organizations leverage advances in software interoperability, data exchange mechanisms and data mining and visualization techniques to better understand their operations, customers, and markets. This trend has become known as ‘data mining,’ ‘business analytics,’ ‘business intelligence’ or, nowadays, ‘big data'.

Candidates with an undergraduate business major or minor can complete an MBA with business analytics in nine intensive months as full-time students. Other college graduates can take foundation courses over the summer and join the cohort in the fall. Part-time students can complete the MBA over a longer time frame. A final capstone project and oral exam demonstrate a student's ability to apply learned concepts.

Course work for the Business Analytics option contains 45 credits of course work including MBA core curriculum, Business Analytics required courses, an unrestricted elective course, and an oral exam.

MBA Core: 21 credits:

BA 528. Financial and Cost Analysis (3)
BA 531. Business Law–Technology/New Ventures (3)
BA 540. Corporate Finance (3)
BA 550. Organization Leadership and Management (3)
BA 562. Managing Projects (3)
BA 569. Advanced Strategic Management (3)
BA 590. Marketing Management (3)

Business Analytics: 21 credits:

BA 555. Practical Business Analysis (3)
BA 572. Advanced Information Systems (3)
BA 573. Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage (3)
BA 574. Data Management (3)
BA 575. Data Exploration and Visualization (3)
BA 576. Data and Text Mining (3)
BA 577. Integrated Business Analytics Project (3)

Unrestricted Elective. Any graduate-level course with a minimum of three credits that contributes to the learning outcomes of the program. Must be approved by the Graduate Business Programs office.

Major/Option offered thru Ecampus - Distance Ed - Signifies that the Major/Option can be completed thru Ecampus - Distance Ed

Major Code: 2050

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