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Food Science and Technology

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Robert J. McGorrin, Head
100 Wiegand Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-6602


Professors Daeschel, Goddik, McGorrin, Morrissey, Park, Qian, Shay, Ross, Shellhammer, Su, Zhao
Associate Professors Bakalinsky, DeWitt, Lim, Osborne, Penner, Torres
Assistant Professors Hughes, Tomasino, Waite-Cusic
Senior Instructor 1 Smith
Instructor Just

Undergraduate Major

Food Science and Technology (BS, CRED, HBS)

Enology and Viticulture
Fermentation Science
Food Science


Fermentation Science
Food Science
Food Technology

Graduate Major

Food Science and Technology (MS, PhD)

Graduate Areas of Concentration
Flavor Chemistry
Food Chemistry/Biochemistry
Food Engineering
Food Microbiology/Biotechnology
Food and Seafood Processing
Sensory Evaluation

Graduate Minor

Food Science and Technology

Food science and technology concerns the chemistry and engineering necessary to deliver safe, convenient food products from the farm gate to the food marketer. The academic program integrates principles and concepts in the physical, biological, and engineering sciences, and applies them to the scientific and technological aspects of food and beverage processing. The role of the food scientist is to successfully integrate these disciplines to assure an abundant, high quality, and nutritious food supply.

Graduate programs leading to the MS or PhD degree in food science permit intensified study in subject areas of special interest. Research areas in the department include both basic and applied aspects of chemistry/biochemistry, microbiology/biotechnology, sensory analysis, and food engineering. Research in food processing operations covers a number of food commodities such as cereal products, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, wines and beers.

Departmental facilities include well-equipped laboratories, a pilot plant, a winery, a pilot research brewery, and an artisan cheese-making plant for instruction and research. Research facilities also are available at the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station Seafood Laboratory at Astoria and the Food Innovation Center in Portland, Oregon.

Work Experience and Internships

Because of the educational value of professional work experience, the department strongly encourages students to gain practical work experience during summer and other terms. Students typically work in brewing, wineries, dairy processing, and seasonal fruit and vegetable processing. Students may earn internship credit with prior approval of the department and of the employer. OSU students may also participate in international internship programs.


The College of Agricultural Sciences, the department, the food industry, and the Institute of Food Technologists offer over 25 merit and financial need scholarships to encourage students preparing for careers in the food industry. For more information, contact the department, 541-737-3131, and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, 541-737-2241.

Career Opportunities

Food science graduates have had excellent success in finding positions (median nationwide entry level salary for bachelor of science degree holders is $50,000) in an industry that possesses tremendous variety, mobility and opportunity for advancement. Career opportunities in the food, brewing, distilling, and enology industries include management, research and development, process and production supervision, quality assurance, distribution, sales, marketing, consulting, and trade associations. Governmental agencies employ food scientists for work in regulatory control, research, and the development of food standards.

Graduates of a master's or doctoral program hold positions in teaching, colleges and university research and extension, and in industry.

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