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Course Subjects for Corvallis Campus
--4-- Linguistics (LING) OS/Oviedo, Spain (OOVD)
4-H Youth Development Educatio (YDE) --M-- OS/Petition Programs (OPET)
--A-- Management (MGMT) OS/Poitiers, France (OPOI)
Academic Learning Services (ALS) Manufacturing Engineering (MFGE) OS/Puebla, Mexico (OETC)
Accounting (ACTG) Marketing (MRKT) OS/Puebla, Mexico (Summer) (OUDL)
Adult Ed & Higher Ed Leadershp (AHE) Materials Science (MATS) OS/Queretaro, Mexico (OQRO)
Aerospace Studies (AS) Mathematics (MTH) OS/Quito, Ecuador (OQUI)
Agricultural & Resource Econom (AREC) Mech/Ind/Mfg Engineering (MIME) OS/Quito, Ecuador (OUSF)
Agricultural Education (AED) Mechanical Engineering (ME) OS/Rosario, Argentina (OROS)
Agricultural Sci, College of (AGRI) Medical Physics (MP) OS/Russia, Univ of Arizona (ORUS)
Agriculture-General (AG) Microbiology (MB) OS/Saarlands, Germany (OSAR)
American Sign Language (ASL) Military Science (MS) OS/Scandinavia (OSCA)
Animal Sciences (ANS) Music (MUS) OS/School for Field Studies (OSFS)
Anthropology (ANTH) Music (Studio) (MUP) OS/School for Intl Training (OSIT)
Applied Economics (AEC) Music Education (MUED) OS/Sea Semester (OSSS)
Arabic (ARAB) --N-- OS/Segovia, Spain (OSEG)
Art (ART) Natural Resources (NR) OS/Semester at Sea (OSAS)
Asian Languages and Culture (ASN) Naval Science (NS) OS/Seoul Dankook Exchange (ODKU)
Atmospheric Sciences (ATS) New Media Communications (NMC) OS/Seoul, South Korea (OEWH)
--B-- Nuclear Engineering (NE) OS/Seoul, South Korea (OYON)
Biochemistry and Biophysics (BB) Nutrition (NUTR) OS/Sicily Summer Prgm, Italy (OSIC)
Biological & Ecological Engr (BEE) --O-- OS/Siena, Italy (OSIE)
Biological Engineering (BIOE) Oceanography (OC) OS/Singapore (OSIN)
Biology (BI) OS/Aarhus, Denmark (OAAR) OS/South Africa (OPRE)
Bioresource Research (BRR) OS/Academic Programs Intl (OAPI) OS/South Korea (OYEU)
Botany and Plant Pathology (BOT) OS/Accra, Ghana (OGHA) OS/Stellenbosch, South Africa (OSTE)
Business Administration (BA) OS/AHA International (OAHA) OS/Study Center in Australia (ODEA)
--C-- OS/Akita Proj Based Learning (OPBL) OS/Study in Costa Rica (OCOS)
Chem, Bio, Enviro Engineering (CBEE) OS/Akita, Japan (OAKI) OS/Sussex, England (OSUS)
Chemical Engineering (CHE) OS/Angers, France (OANG) OS/Sydney, Australia (OSYD)
Chemistry (CH) OS/Art and Architecture Tour (ODH1) OS/Sydney, Australia (OUMA)
Chinese (CHN) OS/Athens, Greece (OATH) OS/Sydney, Australia (OUTS)
Civil and Construction Engr (CCE) OS/Australia (OAUS) OS/Taipei, Taiwan (OFJU)
Civil Engineering (CE) OS/Bad Mergentheim, Germany (OBMB) OS/Taipei, Taiwan Fu Jen Univ. (OFJX)
Communication (COMM) OS/Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (OBWU) OS/Tokyo, Aoyama Gakuim Univ. (OAGU)
Computer Science (CS) OS/Bangkok, Thailand (OCHU) OS/Tokyo, Waseda University (OWAS)
Construction Engineering Mngmt (CEM) OS/Bangor, Wales (OBAN) OS/Townsville, Australia (OJCU)
Crop & Soil Science (CSS) OS/Bathurst or Wagga, Australi (OCSU) OS/Tubingen, Germany (OSIP)
Crop Science (CROP) OS/Beijing Lang&Culture, China (OBLC) OS/Tunis, Tunisia (OTUN)
--D-- OS/British Columbia (OUBC) OS/U College Cork, Ireland (OCOR)
Design and Human Environment (DHE) OS/Canberra, Australia (OANU) OS/U of Limerick, Ireland (OLIM)
--E-- OS/Cantabria, Santander, Spain (OCAN) OS/UHC Intl Service Learning (OUHC)
Economics (ECON) OS/Centers in Czech Republic (OMEN) OS/Univ of Sheffield, England (OSHF)
Electrical & Computer Engineer (ECE) OS/Chiang Mai, Thailand (OPAY) OS/Valdivia, Chile (OVAL)
Engineering Science (ENGR) OS/Chillan, Chile (OBIO) OS/Various Locations Abroad (OSAB)
English (ENG) OS/Christchurch, New Zealand (ONZC) OS/Vienna, Austria (OVIE)
Entomology (ENT) OS/Christchurch, New Zealand (OCBY) OS/Vienna, Austria (OVUE)
Environmental Engineering (ENVE) OS/CIEE study abroad (OCIE) OS/Winter term in Chile (OCHI)
Environmental Sciences (ENSC) OS/Copenhagen, Denmark (OCBS) --P--
Ethnic Studies (ES) OS/Cuban Culture and Politics (OCUB) Peace Studies (PAX)
Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS) OS/Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Me (OTEC) Pharmacy (PHAR)
--F-- OS/Dublin, Ireland (ODUB) Philosophy (PHL)
Film Studies (FILM) OS/Explor World Agr Study Tour (OEWA) Physical Activity Courses (PAC)
Finance (FIN) OS/Fashion Week Study Tour (ODH2) Physics (PH)
Fisheries and Wildlife (FW) OS/Fez, Morocco (OFEZ) Plant Breeding & Genetics (PBG)
Food Science and Technology (FST) OS/Fiji (OFIJ) Political Science (PS)
Forest Ecosystems and Society (FES) OS/Florence, Italy (OSAC) Psychology (PSY)
Forest Engineering (FE) OS/Forest Management in Spain (OSPA) Public Health (H)
Forest Science (FS) OS/Fujisawa, Japan (OSHO) --Q--
Forestry (FOR) OS/Gaborone, Botswana (OBOT) Queer Studies (QS)
French (FR) OS/Global E3 Program (OGE3) --R--
--G-- OS/Guaymas, Mexico (OGUA) Radiation Health Physics (RHP)
General Science (GS) OS/Hong Kong, China (OCHK) Rangeland Ecology & Management (RNG)
Geosciences (GEO) OS/Iceland (OICE) Religious Studies (REL)
German (GER) OS/Institute for Study Abroad (OIFS) Rural Studies (RS)
Graduate Education (GRAD) OS/Internship (OINT) Russian (RUS)
Graphic Design (GD) OS/Internship MAMTA, India (OMAM) --S--
--H-- OS/Int'l Ugrad Research Prog (OIRP) Science & Mathematics Educ (SED)
Health and Human Sciences (HHS) OS/INTO Study Abroad (OIN2) Sociology (SOC)
Hebrew (HEBR) OS/Ireland (OIRE) Soil Science (SOIL)
History (HST) OS/Jyvaskyla, Finland (OJYV) Spanish (SPAN)
History of Science (HSTS) OS/Kala Raksha, India (OIND) Statistics (ST)
Honors College (HC) OS/Kefalonia, Greece (OKEF) Sustainability (SUS)
Horticulture (HORT) OS/Kristiansand, Norway (OAGD) --T--
Human Dev and Family Sciences (HDFS) OS/Kyoto, Japan, Doshisha (ODOS) Teacher & Counselor Education (TCE)
--I-- OS/Lancaster, England (OLAN) Theatre Arts (TA)
Industrial and Mfg Engineering (IE) OS/London (OAIU) Toxicology (TOX)
Intensive English Pgm Acad Eng (IEPA) OS/London, England (OLON) Twentieth Century Studies (TCS)
Intensive English Pgm Gen Engl (IEPG) OS/Lulea, Sweden (OLUL) --V--
Intensive English Pgm Gen Engl (IEPH) OS/Lund, Sweden (OLUN) Veterinary Medicine Biomedical (VMB)
International Degree (INTL) OS/Lyngby, Denmark (ODTU) --W--
Italian (IT) OS/Lyon, France (OLYO) Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGSS)
--J-- OS/Macerata, Italy (OMAC) Wood Science and Engineering (WSE)
Japanese (JPN) OS/Morelia, Mexico (OMOR) World Languages and Cultures (WLC)
--L-- OS/National Taiwan University (ONTU) Written English (WR)
Liberal Arts (LA) OS/Netherlands; Germany; Spain (OGRO) --Z--
Liberal Studies (LS) OS/Nottingham, England (ONOT) Zoology (Z)

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