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Course Subjects for Corvallis Campus
--A-- Forest Ecosystems and Society (FES) Nutrition (NUTR)
Accounting (ACTG) Forest Engineering (FE) --O--
Adult Ed & Higher Ed Leadershp (AHE) Forestry (FOR) Ocean Earth & Atmospheric Sci (OEAS)
Aeronautical & Astronaut. Eng. (AAE) French (FR) Oceanography (OC)
Agricultural Education (AED) --G-- OS/Global Education Oregon (OGEO)
Agricultural Sci, College of (AGRI) Geography (GEOG) OS/IE3 Global (OEEE)
Agriculture-General (AG) Geophysics (GPH) --P--
Animal Sciences (ANS) Geosciences (GEO) Peace Studies (PAX)
Anthropology (ANTH) German (GER) Pharmacy (PHAR)
Applied Economics (AEC) Graduate Education (GRAD) Philosophy (PHL)
Art (ART) --H-- Physics (PH)
Atmospheric Sciences (ATS) History (HST) Plant Breeding & Genetics (PBG)
--B-- History of Science (HSTS) Political Science (PS)
Biochemistry and Biophysics (BB) Horticulture (HORT) Professional Science Masters (PSM)
Biological & Ecological Engr (BEE) Human Dev and Family Sciences (HDFS) Psychology (PSY)
Biological Engineering (BIOE) Humanitarian Engr Sci & Tech (HEST) Public Health (H)
Biology (BI) --I-- Public Policy (PPOL)
Botany and Plant Pathology (BOT) Industrial and Mfg Engineering (IE) --Q--
Business Administration (BA) Integrative Biology (IB) Queer Studies (QS)
--C-- Interdisciplinary Programs (IST) --R--
Chem, Bio, Enviro Engineering (CBEE) International Degree (INTL) Rangeland Ecology & Management (RNG)
Chemical Engineering (CHE) Italian (IT) Religious Studies (REL)
Chemistry (CH) --J-- Robotics (ROB)
Chinese (CHN) Japanese (JPN) Rural Studies (RS)
Civil and Construction Engr (CCE) Joint Campus-Health Sciences U (JCHS) Russian (RUS)
Civil Engineering (CE) Joint Campus-Portland State (JCPS) --S--
College Student Services Admin (CSSA) Joint Campus-Univ of Oregon (JCUO) Science & Mathematics Educ (SED)
Communication (COMM) --K-- Sociology (SOC)
Computer Science (CS) Kinesiology (KIN) Soil Science (SOIL)
Construction Engineering Mngmt (CEM) --L-- Spanish (SPAN)
Counseling (COUN) Leadership (LEAD) Statistics (ST)
Crop Science (CROP) Library & Information Science (LIB) Sustainability (SUS)
--D-- Linguistics (LING) --T--
Design and Human Environment (DHE) --M-- Theatre Arts (TA)
--E-- Management (MGMT) Tourism, Recreat, Adven. Lead. (TRAL)
Economics (ECON) Manufacturing Engineering (MFGE) Toxicology (TOX)
Education (ED) Marine Resource Management (MRM) Twentieth Century Studies (TCS)
Electrical & Computer Engineer (ECE) Marketing (MRKT) --V--
Engineering Science (ENGR) Master of Public Policy (MPP) Veterinary Medicine Biomedical (VMB)
English (ENG) Materials Science (MATS) Veterinary Medicine Clinical (VMC)
Entomology (ENT) Mathematics (MTH) --W--
Environmental Arts &Humanities (EAH) Mech/Ind/Mfg Engineering (MIME) Water Resources Engineering (WRE)
Environmental Engineering (ENVE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Water Resources Policy and Mgt (WRP)
Environmental Sciences (ENSC) Microbiology (MB) Water Resources Science (WRS)
Ethnic Studies (ES) Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGSS)
--F-- Music (MUS) Wood Science and Engineering (WSE)
Film Studies (FILM) Music (Studio) (MUP) World Languages and Cultures (WLC)
Finance (FIN) Music Education (MUED) Written English (WR)
Fisheries and Wildlife (FW) --N-- --Z--
Food in Culture,Social Justice (FCSJ) Nuclear Science & Engineering (NSE) Zoology (Z)
Food Science and Technology (FST)

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